Essential Politics: What Joe Biden Wants You To Know


Essential Politics: What Joe Biden Wants You To Know

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Essential Politics: What Joe Biden Wants You To Know
Essential Politics: What Joe Biden Wants You To Know

President Biden wants you to know about the bills he signed into law, like the bailout, the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the anti-inflation bill, all that climate funding.

The first White House press conference coincided with Biden's two-year tenure as the new Times reporter.

When White House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre took the stage, I declined to answer my colleagues' questions about the recent discovery of classified documents at the President's home and at the think tank's office. who carries his name. Instead, his team produced major leadership achievements. The context could not be clearer. We want to let you talk about it .

But this weekend the president flew in a Marine One helicopter to his beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Delhi, as he inspected documents. A 1 p.m. search by officers revealed more classified documents about the crisis facing the president and his lawyers.

The paper fiasco is another troublesome (but unpopular) issue when the president is considering running for re-election.

Hello, I am Kwasi Gyamfi Asadu. I cover national politics for the Los Angeles Times. This week, we look at the Biden-Harris administration's desperate attempts to highlight its accomplishments in the classified documents debacle and its confrontation with House Republicans over the debt ceiling and budget.

Biden takes his successes to the streets.

The president is traveling to the North East this week to draw national attention to the bipartisan infrastructure bill he signed into law in November 2021 . He was in Baltimore on Monday to discuss how the bill could quickly replace the 150-year-old railroad tunnel .

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As I wrote this journal on Tuesday, Biden was in New York discussing how the bill would help fund a new tunnel under the Hudson River and improve rail reliability for hundreds of thousands of people. On Friday, he will discuss his economic program with Kamala Harris of Pip in Philadelphia.

Biden and his aides and allies worry the public won't know what he's done in office.

Ahead of the midterm elections, some Democrats feared voters would worry about Biden's registration. Even if the dreaded red tide doesn't materialize, Democrats still fear the president's acts of pride will go unrecognized.

For example, a video released to mark the second year of the Biden-Harris administration shows the president and vice president seated at a table. "Sometimes I like people seeing what I see," Harris says as she waits for their food (which appears to be a burger). Then they both made a long list of accomplishments: $35 worth of insulin a month, 11 million new jobs, and the nomination of Justice Kitangi Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.

And when he recently hosted US mayors Karen Bass of Los Angeles and 18-year-old Galen Smith of Earl , Ark., Biden got the ball rolling again, focusing on his infrastructure bill and 7,000 projects. Funding and placement for mental health care.

In the coming months, you can expect Biden to continue telling anyone who will listen the ins and outs of his signature legislation. The $40 billion investment in semiconductor manufacturing in Arizona is attracting more attention than the discovery of some documents kept near the Corvette.

The latest news from the election campaign

The Republican National Committee chose Rona McDaniel as chair after Harmit Dillon , a California attorney whose clients include former President Trump , dropped an appeal . Both women are staunch Trump supporters, a testament to their influence within the party more than two years after the former president lost the White House, Political Secretary Seema Mehta said.

Trump stepped up his re-election bid over the weekend after campaigning in swing states including South Carolina and New Hampshire, the Associated Press reported .

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View of Washington

The discovery of classified documents from Biden and former Vice President Mike Pence has complicated the investigation into Trump's misconduct and his willingness to turn over classified documents to the National Archives. This mess only benefits one person, The Donald, writes Times columnist Doyle McManus .

– Rep. George Santos of New York will step down from two subcommittees as the Republican continues to be surrounded by scandals and scandals over his personal life while in office, the Associated Press reports.

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View of California

"At a time when the Golden State is rocked by mass civilian-on-civilian killings, television advertising is a weapon in the arm promoting gun safety ," says Times columnist George Skelton . .

Biden's nomination is an attempt to restore liberal control of the powerful court at the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. So far, according to Times legal columnist Kevin Rector, he has appointed younger judges who are more in tune with the conservatism of the Trump years.

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