Apple Could Release A Foldable IPad Next Year…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week


Apple Could Release A Foldable IPad Next Year…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

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Apple Could Release A Foldable IPad Next Year…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week
Apple Could Release A Foldable IPad Next Year…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

Here are five technology events that happened in the last week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

1 – A foldable iPad could be coming next year, according to an Apple analyst.

According to a supply chain analyst, Apple could develop a foldable iPad in 2024. The release of a sleeker model should improve product offerings and variety. The same analyst predicts that a foldable iPad Mini will be released alongside a revamped iPad Mini, and Apple could begin production of this model early next year. (Source: The Edge)

Why it matters to your business:

Foldable devices are not new – Samsung has been selling them for several years. But the foldable iPad could be a big seller and also open the door to a flood of similar products. These devices save space and can be very useful for telecommuters or those on the go.

2 – ChromeOS and Microsoft 365 will start working better together this year.

Google recently announced that ChromeOS will include a new integration for Microsoft 365 that will make it easier to install the app and include support for OneDrive. This integration allows users to search and find OneDrive files in the same way they find local files or files stored in Google Drive. (Source: ARS Technica)

Why it matters to your business:

I guess it's my age, but I still can't get over the hurdle of owning a device where almost all of my files have to be stored online. I already do this automatically using a cloud storage service, but there's something I like about syncing local files. It's just because I'm used to it. Either way, I have to get over it. And the new integration between Chrome and 365 should help me. Maybe a Chromebook is in my future.

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3 – Google says it will finally eliminate cookies by 2024.

Google plans to remove cookies from web browsers. The tech giant's Privacy Sandbox project will begin phasing out conversion tracking and banning the use of third-party cookies. However, this step requires developing new technologies, partnering with developers and publishers, and reaching out to the wider industry, which will take time. Google originally planned to say goodbye to third-party files at the end of 2022, before extending the deadline to the end of 2023. Now Google says it won't happen until the end of next year. (Source: technical radar)

Why it matters to your business:

We've heard it before, but now I think it's actually going to happen. This means that if your online advertising strategy relies on visitor tracking through the use of cookies, you will need to incorporate a different strategy.

4 – Why should all small businesses use Apple devices?

The Tech 9 to 5 Mac website recently explained why every small business should use Apple devices because of the advantages that other technology platforms do not offer. (Source: 9 and 5 Mac)

Why it matters to your business:

I know… this is a protected post. So I can't trust any writer with these ideas, and there's an agenda behind the advice. But the tips are quite informative. According to the announcement, companies using Apple devices have access to "specialist software vendors" focused on "integrated solutions" that help companies protect and manage Apple devices. Apple's unified platform approach helps businesses protect, deploy and manage devices.

5 – Birdeye produces innovative social media software for local brands and businesses.

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Birdeye, a leading end-to-end digital client and reputation platform, recently announced the launch of a social media software platform designed to help local businesses manage their social media accounts. The new platform, known as Birdeye Social, will help businesses manage their online reputation across multiple locations, send unique messages simultaneously, and engage with customers more broadly on social media. (Source: Mar Tech Series)

Why it matters to your business:

Birdeye's latest small business offerings are similar to an enterprise product and can help attract potential customers with Google's bestseller lists, recommendations, reviews, and ratings. It will also help with messaging, polls, organizing meetings and sending mass messages.

Apple's next "one more thing" is approaching

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