Ashley D. Bell Announces Ready Entertainment Production Company (EXCLUSIVE)


Ashley D. Bell Announces Ready Entertainment Production Company (EXCLUSIVE)

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Ashley D. Bell Announces Ready Entertainment Production Company (EXCLUSIVE)
Ashley D. Bell Announces Ready Entertainment Production Company (EXCLUSIVE)

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Ready Life founder and CEO Ashley D. Bell announced the creation of a new production company, Ready Entertainment, which produces films and television programs with strong social justice messages.

Bell is a corporate finance attorney and former White House entrepreneurship and innovation policy advisor. Dr. Bernice A. King, Martin Luther King Jr. and daughter of Dr. Corta Scott King, who founded Ready Life and plays an active role in Ready Entertainment.

Ready Life is an innovative fintech platform with a suite of financial tools that empower people to build and maintain generational wealth. Reddy Entertainment is committed to the company's mission to resolve racial disparities by helping African Americans regain control of their finances and banking institutions through financial loans and housing.

The show's entertainment debut is Cash Money, a comedy from Academy Award nominee Terry Rocchio (Shrek, Aladdin, all five Pirates of the Caribbean films) and comedy writer Kevin Arbu, who will direct the film. the project Bell and Dr. King serves as executive producer.

"I am excited to bring the values ​​and mission of Ready Life to all of Ready Entertainment," Bell said in a statement to the production company. "Fairness, especially when it comes to banking and finance, is key, and I look forward to creating content like Cash Money to get our message across."

According to the film's synopsis, Money centers on Primo and Jim, two auto mechanics who live in the dying town of Cross Creek, Missouri. While traveling to New York, determined to find answers to the nation's economic problems, Roosevelt and Michelle help run one of the nation's few black banks, and learn to create their own currency, Cousin; Soon other cities, and entire countries, wanted to use this new currency when the economy collapsed. But is his plan a recipe for success or is it too good to be true?

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In addition to Dr. Bell and King, Lifetime's board members include prominent criminal justice reform advocates Alice Johnson and Van Jones.

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