NeverNoTs Newest Jewelry Series: Travel Charms


NeverNoTs Newest Jewelry Series: Travel Charms

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NeverNoTs Newest Jewelry Series: Travel Charms
NeverNoTs Newest Jewelry Series: Travel Charms

From time to time, a piece of jewelery is created that reflects our dreams, passions, adventures together and what we hope to be a special moment or moments in our lives. The same goes for NeverNoT's 3D gems and gold skin. NeverNoT is based in London but is distributed worldwide and travels the world like its creator. Her entire collection is dedicated to a happy life and the constant wearing of jewelery instead of never wearing it and keeping it in a box or safe.

In this new series, people are returning to their lives and traveling more, often to other places they wanted to have been before the pandemic. NeveNoT luggage makes that happen with themed luggage tags made of gold and hard stones: bronze, porthole, agate, black and white pearl, lapis lazuli, and opal with diamond inserts.

Based in London Nina Jokhadze, co-founder of the brand, explains the inspiration: “We are very happy to be able to travel again on pleasant flights to the most coveted destinations, looking forward to the holidays. It mixes with expectations of the sea and beautiful sunsets, or the discoveries of ancient architecture and natural beauty that we find on every sightseeing tour.”

Jokhadze spoke in more detail about the inspiration for the collection: “Natia Tskhartishvili and I are co-founders of NeverNoT. However, we live in different places (I live in London and Natia, Georgia/Eastern Europe). However, we ran into each other while traveling, often at airports and on the street, which flowed into the series. Natia likes bright suitcases and we both like bright colors.

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In this series, the duo borrows nostalgia and sticker-stuffed merchandise from around the world. It's a continuation of NeverNoT's upbeat, sometimes eccentric approach to jewelry, and according to Johadz, "the same goes for people who love to travel."

Suitcases represent different directions and each has a name. Jokhadze explained his choice:

"The opal suitcase is reflected in 'Escape from the Beach' as ​​it brings to mind the blue sea water and clear beach views."

The bronze style refers to "Adventures of the Amazon" in honor of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

"The suitcase made of white gold and black mother-of-pearl is called "Powdered Snow" and means a trip on skis and snowboards."

"The tiger's eye Hit Safari suitcase is the epitome of African safari."

If you are planning a trip soon or are packing, traveling, or otherwise related to one of these destinations, one or more of these charms would be perfect additions to your jewelery collection.

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