ADL Forms Entertainment Leadership Council To Fight Antisemitism


ADL Forms Entertainment Leadership Council To Fight Antisemitism

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ADL Forms Entertainment Leadership Council To Fight Antisemitism
ADL Forms Entertainment Leadership Council To Fight Antisemitism

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Statistics on anti-Semitism and hate crimes are on the rise in the US and abroad – according to the FBI, Jews are the worst victims of ethnic religious groups in America – The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has announced the launch of the ADL group. . The Entertainment Leadership Council, a group of creative leaders and people in film, television, music, and media. The group's fundraising mission: fighting public hatred, including anti-Semitism.

“ADL is America's oldest anti-hate organization. For 110 years, we have been committed to fighting anti-Semitism and bigotry in all its forms,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL CEO and Country Director. “And one of the things that is clear, and I think it's clear to everyone, is that popular culture shapes public discourse. Whether it's the government, the media, or other major institutions, artists, and influencers shaping public opinion, they have a direct impact on today's world of extreme cynicism and mistrust.

"We also know the power of story," Greenblatt continued. "We know that stories are an important part of understanding the world around us. We know that witnessing the rise of anti-Semitism in recent years has been a source of real joy. In political circles, we have seen. It's cropping up on college campuses and shocking me, the impact on culture and entertainment, we see it on the pitch.

To that end, UTA, which represents the ADL, has assembled a core team of 21 people who plan to grow with the launch of the Entertainment Leadership Council. The core members are: Aaron Rosenberg, Partner, Myman Greenspan; Ben Silverman, CEO and Chairman of Propagate; Blair Cohan, UTA Board Member; Brian Dobbins, talent manager and producer, Artists First; Eric Schrier, President of Disney General Entertainment; Jackal Group President and CEO Gail Berman; Jessica Yellin, host of News No Noise; Juliana Margulies, actress; Karen Hermelin, CEO of Global Research and Strategy, Paramount Pictures; Kira Goldberg, Vice President of Netflix Original Studio Movies; Leslie Belzburg, film and television producer; Melissa Zuckerman, Associates, Senior Communications; Michael Sugar, Founder and CEO of Sugar23; Modi Wiczyk, Co-Founder and CEO of MRC; Nick Meyer, CEO, Sierra Affinity/eOne; Nina Tasler, founder of Patma; Paul Nenstein, CEO of Project X Entertainment; Seth Oster, general affairs manager for the Wonder Company; Stephanie Simon, co-founder and partner at Unexpected Entertainment; Susan Rovner, President of Entertainment Content, NBCUniversal Television; and Valeisha Butterfield Jones, Vice President, Partnerships and Engagement at Google, Inc. and Honorary Chair of the Black Music Ensemble at the Recording Academy/Grammys.

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Building on the model established by the Sports Leadership Council, created by the ADL in 2017 to use a platform to mobilize leading voices in professional and amateur sport to fight bias and hatred, the Entertainment Leadership Council "enabled us to strategically engage industry leaders around a mission us to fight anti-Semitism in all its forms," ​​Greenblatt said.

“That could mean people coming together for regular face-to-face meetings, it could mean individuals, organizations or companies helping us tell stories about people fighting hate,” added Greenblatt. That might mean helping tell our own stories through ADLs. And this is perhaps the most important part—creating an open dialogue for discussion in a constructive way before hate issues arise. We can help studios, production companies and artists figure out how to effectively address these issues. And if there's a problem, there's an open channel of communication to determine how to follow through with a plan to fix it if something happens.

According to Sugar, "The influence of entertainment and storytelling on our society has never been more pervasive and pervasive than it is today." When we tell stories, it's important that we do so in ways that are accessible, effective, and honest. I look forward to working with my ADL and LC colleagues to not only tell stories that stand against anti-Semitism, but also to challenge Hollywood's strong and assertive stance against all forms of hate.

Zuckerman added, "Because our culture is based on both sad and happy memories, our society knows that telling and sharing the truth is a tool against prejudice." "I am delighted to be part of a team that has been assembled to take on this challenge at a critical time."

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Greenblatt classifies what he calls the "two types of anti-Semitism".

"Today we have what I would describe as vicious anti-Semitism — the kind of anti-Semitism like Kanye West or National Hate Day. It's blatant, violent, often violent," Greenblatt said. "And then there's what I call anti-Semitism – if the Jewish story isn't told or the Jews are not included."

The Greenblatt Recreation Management Board is trying to eliminate both.

But given the media's bouts of anti-Semitism, does ADL Entertainment's board of directors have a legitimate and effective interest in persuading networks and streaming services to create content that subtly and positively targets Jews? Light? Finally, LLC members often work for studios and broadcasters in the Jewish community providing content that they believe contains offensive or anti-Semitic language. For example, Netflix faced collective criticism for You The People, a romantic comedy co-written by Jonas Hill and Kenya Barris that is riddled with anti-Semitic stereotypes. This is a film that Greenblatt himself has called potentially harmful to the Jewish community.

Greenblatt of U People said: "In a film that so perfectly tries to counter bigotry, it is shocking to hear that the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Jews were involved in the Atlantic slave trade is undisputed." “We had to have uncomfortable conversations, and humor plays a big part in those conversations, but the film doesn't really reflect the black-Jewish relationship, which is and isn't important.

But that requires a recreation management board, says Greenblatt.

"Sometimes even well-intentioned people make mistakes," he says. "I don't believe in a culture of layoffs – I believe in a culture of counseling. My job is to help them find the right path and help them overcome crises and help people overcome hatred early on."

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