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‘Babylon 4K Ultra HD Movie Review


‘Babylon 4K Ultra HD Movie Review

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‘Babylon 4K Ultra HD Movie Review
‘Babylon 4K Ultra HD Movie Review

Damien (Obsession and La La Land)'s Oscar-winning tribute to Hollywood's hedonism and hedonism of the 1920s divided critics and took the box office by storm.

Babylon (Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment, R-rated, 2.39:1 aspect ratio, 189 minutes, $35.99) seeks revenge on home theater audiences steeped in cinematic history and smitten with 4K discs.

Mr. Chazelle also wrote a dark, mostly fictional drama about fading screen legend Jack Conrad (Brad Pitt as Douglas Fairbanks and John Gilbert); Nelly LaRue (Margot Robbie, Clara Bow Channel); and Manny Torres (Diego Calva), a Mexican immigrant who helps anyone climb the filmmaking ladder.

Audiences will appreciate the film's original director's broad scope and push to transition from silent to talkative, but Mr. Chazelle overflows with a drawn-out saga with thrilling excesses and downright bizarre ones that are sure to turn off some moviegoers. .

As she happily reaches the finish line, the Kinoscope Studios film crew attempts to capture Nellie's conversation in a brief tear-jerking scene.

However, with those highs come plenty of disconcerting lows, as the second act stretches to a crawl and the third turns into a demanded thriller with an abrupt and unsatisfying ending.

"Babylon" lasted over three hours and needed an editor, as the long beating left plenty of time for unnecessary chaos.

4K in Action: A 4K digital presentation based on the 35mm film format provides a colorful and vivid journey that highlights the eccentric production designs of the era.

For large-scale scenic moments, panoramic views of a stone house on a mountain in the purple sunlight, various shooting locations in the beige desert, a garden decorated with carvings, sunset rays of light penetrating a mountain range, dazzling white. The sanatorium's massive columns, and Conrad looks out over the ocean from the rocky shore.

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Those looking for finer details will enjoy Conrad's tattoo on the girl's back, the tiny cracks in the terracotta roof, the counting of tears as Nellie cried on command, and the abundance of vintage cars and over 7,000 vintage clothes.

Released in Ultra HD disc format, Babylon is unique in its kind and complements the slow and often frustrating story.

The best extras: Owners get a 4K disc without the extras and a Blu-ray disc with the digital extras, but not the high-definition copy of the movie.

According to Mr. Chazelle, the disc provides a 30-minute overview of the film, which took 15 years to make, including actual Hollywood locations, costumes, actors and character motivations, production design, and nearly all of the standard material. Complete with interviews with cast and crew.

The most interesting part of the clip is the rehearsal footage that the director filmed on his phone between Ms. Ruby and Mr. Calva.

That is, with two costume shorts and a soundtrack to round out the flavor.

For such a fine performance, I would have expected an additional commentary from the director or an old documentary about such an important historical period of cinema.

Severija – To Ash, To Dust (Psycho Nikoros) – (Official Babylon Berlin OST)

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