Steve Small & Gwen Osborne Launch Convergence Entertainment Group


Steve Small & Gwen Osborne Launch Convergence Entertainment Group

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Steve Small & Gwen Osborne Launch Convergence Entertainment Group

EXCLUSIVE – Steve Small and Gwen Osbourne announced today that they have launched Convergence Entertainment Group, a Los Angeles-based financing and production company for their new movies.

Convergence operates as an independent studio, developing, financing and producing feature films for the cinema, broadcast and livestream markets. The company uses private equity funds to arrange large-scale projects and ventures with actors and filmmakers.

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Convergence currently plans to produce half a dozen theatrical productions per year, with plans to increase production volume and funding as they reach their growth targets.

"Convergence aims to create a studio that supports directors and talent, where artists can create and fund projects for distribution to outlets looking for unique, innovative, high-quality original content," Little said.

Osborne added that the company is "well positioned to meet the growing demand for content across distributors and platforms."

A seasoned producer with more than two decades in the entertainment industry and a member of the California State Bar Association, Little most recently served as President of Production and Development for Emmett Furla Films. However, he is best known for his acting career, running the Paradigm TV and Film Talent division for a time. After the agency purchased the boutique agency where he worked as a partner, he received his roles on shows such as Desperate Housewives , Rescue Me , Monster Ball , and The Sopranos . A beauty agent has helped shape the lives of actors Will Smith, Halle Berry, James Gandolfini, Dennis Leary, Michael Chiklis, Brittany Murphy and Patricia Heaton, as well as musicians such as Billy Joel and Shakira and directors such as Jan de Bon and Paul. Mazursky

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With a proven track record in development and production across film, television and digital, Osborne was a partner at SFO Productions and vice president of development at Bubble Factory. He has sold several series, both scripted and unscripted, and directed Heather Graham's first film, Half Magic, as well as the horror film Clinic with Robert England, among many other projects.

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