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Movie Review The Integrity Of Joseph Chambers (2023)


Movie Review The Integrity Of Joseph Chambers (2023)

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Movie Review  The Integrity Of Joseph Chambers (2023)
Movie Review  The Integrity Of Joseph Chambers (2023)

The Loyalty of Joseph Chambers , 2023.

Written and directed by Robert Machoyan.
Clayne Crawford, Jordana Brewster, Michael Raymond-James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Colt Crawford, Carl Kennedy, Hicks Crawford and Charlene St. Carlo


A family man, hoping to prove his survival skills and masculinity to his family, irresponsibly decides to go into the woods on his own and hunt deer.

Expectations of what a film should be like are irrelevant. For this reason, and with the knowledge of writer-director Robert Machoyan's solo directorial debut, Murder of Two Lovers , a dark tale of marital strife that begins with a man (Clayne Crawford, also seen here) holding a gun aimed at his wife's head. In Bed with Another Man it was assumed that this sequel, titled Joseph Chambers' Loyalty, would be just as sinister and unsentimental.

But in a completely unexpected way, it works as a dark comedy that shatters the false masculinity created by gun ownership and hunting. After the error. As she contemplates the serious moral damage this may cause to her mental state and her family, she experiences tragedy.

At the end of Joseph Chambers's Innocence, the film does the seemingly impossible, turning a comic character (the titular Joseph Chambers) into someone worth investing in as an emotionally flawed man and a head-scratcher on ' an old man's quest. A form of machismo.
Nor would it be possible without Cline Crawford's central performance to close out the World Series (with appropriately silly sound effects) as a nightmarish attraction and the lonely, emotional game of waiting for the deer to come. Listen to a noir story that shows the dangers of shooting, guns and the futility of hunting. It's mostly a one-man show here, and the film breathes determination in its ability to portray this character differently with each new story development. As a director, Robert Machoyan continues to impress with intricate sound designs that add to the tension and pressure of the main characters.

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In particular, Joseph Chambers is a financier who has recently uprooted his family (his wife, played by Jordana Brewster) to the countryside, obsessed with adapting to his environment and lifestyle, arguing that he must be ready when it ends . The world will experience it. Dai His wife convinced him that it was not important and that he should be honest with himself. He teases the locals about his growing beard, repeatedly offers him sex and says he will go hunting and have dinner.

Joseph Chambers is also hilarious with his twisted quip that if he sits at home and focuses on what's in front of him instead of feeding his ego and misrepresenting his masculinity, he'll have a great day. .

From the moment Joseph Chambers parked his borrowed car at the entrance to the woods and began loading the borrowed pistol (the ammunition was his), it was clear that this man could not be anywhere near a pistol, much less a rifle . Again, the blurb is quite funny at the beginning of the movie, and keeps the movie firmly on its doom. Joseph Chambers' honesty considers how fun guns can be in theory, but how dangerous they can be.

Plot details are deliberately vague, as the funniest way to enjoy Joseph Chambers' honesty is to experience it with your eyes closed. It's worth noting that while it's a little repetitive and a little too slow in one or two areas (a few minutes here and there could be cut), the message here is striking and Cline Crawford gives an excellent performance. Brilliantly balancing silly humor and serious drama.

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Blinking Tales Rating – Movie: ★★★★ / Movie: ★★★★

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