10 Tech Gadgets That’ll Elevate Your Next Hike (Beginners Or Veterans)


10 Tech Gadgets That’ll Elevate Your Next Hike (Beginners Or Veterans)

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10 Tech Gadgets That'll Elevate Your Next Hike (Beginners Or Veterans)
10 Tech Gadgets That'll Elevate Your Next Hike (Beginners Or Veterans)

Put on your hiking boots and hit the road, because the weather is finally sunny enough for outdoor adventures. Hiking is a great way to learn about nature, see amazing landscapes and exercise.

Whether you're a newbie looking to get into hiking or a seasoned veteran with lots of miles under your belt, reliable technology will make your journey safer and more comfortable. You never know what can happen when you're out in the elements, so it's wise to be prepared in case things don't go as planned.

Here are 10 products and gadgets that you'll thank for having in your purse.

1. Solar power bank

Waterproof solar system

Keep a portable solar battery in your pocket so your essential devices don't run out of power when you're on the go. If you don't have electricity, you can save all your basic technology by using solar energy. This one from Amazon has a built in flashlight for added security.

2. Garmin in the rich mini

Garmin © CNET Provided by Garmin _ _ _

Garmin in the Rich Mini

Garmin's InReach Mini connects to your phone via Bluetooth and is a must-have satellite messaging tool for emergency hikes, especially when you're hiking unfamiliar trails or taking long walks.

It sends text messages to your coordinators, records your waypoints at different time intervals, and has an SOS feature that puts you in touch with lifeguards 24/7, among other useful tools like topographic maps and weather forecasts. It is very light and can be attached to the outside of the bag to get a good signal.

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You pay a monthly subscription fee: $25 for an annual plan or $35 for a free plan. But you can decide that peace of mind alone is worth something.

3. Garmin Phoenix 7S Solar

Garmin Phoenix 7S Solar

This sleek, solar-powered watch tracks your health stats and provides advanced performance metrics. It has features like ClimbPro and RacePro, plus access to satellite imagery and advanced terrain maps (subscription required). The Garmin Fenix ​​lasts up to 14 days on a charge, and the more sunlight your Garmin watch gets, the longer the battery will last.

4. AllTrails App

All titles

Compatible with Android and iOS, the AllTrails app is convenient for travelers to use on their phones. I can't count the number of times my AllTrails map has fooled me when I was in unfamiliar territory. You can create a free AllTrails account to access some features. The subscription is $30 for a year or $100 for life, but I think AllTrails Pro is worth it.

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5. JBL clip 4

David Carnoy/CNET © CNET Contribution by David Curnoy / C N E T _ _ _ _ _ _ _

JBL clip 4

Keep a small portable speaker in your bag to listen to your favorite music on the go. I especially like using the speakers when I'm walking with a group so I can listen to music and have a conversation at the same time.

6. Error Protection

Thermocell insect repellent

Bug repellent is always useful, especially when you're traveling near water. Avoid using sticky and foul-smelling tracheae and try to repel thermocell bugs. You don't need this odorless mosquito repellent on your body. Just turn on the gadget and it eliminates bugs with 15ft protection It's magic.

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7. Hydration Bladders

Hydraulic booster

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, a hydration bladder is perfect for hiking. Available in two or three liter sizes, the Hydro Booster makes it easy to carry and drink large amounts of water without having to lug around a slimmed-down water bottle. Slip your hydration pack into the tube bag and hit the road.

8. Water filter

Stephen Beecham/CNET © Provided by CNET S t p h n B e a c h a m / C N E T

straw of life

The LifeStraw is a lifesaver when you're on the go for long periods and can't ingest a lot of H2O. According to the company, one filter can store 1,000 liters of pond or lake water in H. A straw filter can be used to drink directly from the pond

9th step

Fiji compact trekking poles

It improves stability, increases speed and helps reduce body stress from the poles you travel with. Lightweight, foldable, adjustable and convenient, they control many drawers. You can't beat the price.

10. GoPro Hero 8 with strap mount

Joshua Goldman/CNET © CNET Contribution by Joshua Goldman / C N E T _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

GoPro Hero 8

Record your adventures on your favorite hikes. The GoPro Hero 8 shoots 4K video and 12MP photos, supports live streaming and three levels of stabilization. Attach the Hero 8 to your bag strap and let your shots flow with minimal fuss.

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