JLAB Epic Wireless Keyboard launches for £70


JLAB Epic Wireless Keyboard launches for £70

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JLAB’s Epic Wireless Keyboard has launched this week in the United Kingdom offering an input device that seamlessly combines style with utility, providing a host of exciting features to provide users with a superior typing experience. Equipped with a premium metal media knob, the Epic Wireless Keyboard puts a world of control at your fingertips.

Smart Media Knob

Whether you want to adjust the volume, manage phone calls, or queue up your favorite tunes, you can do so directly from your keyboard. This elegant knob eliminates the need to reach for your mouse, streamlining your work and leisure experiences and is now available to purchase price at £70.

Wireless connectivity

The Epic Wireless Keyboard sets itself apart with its powerful 2000mAh rechargeable battery. With a single charge lasting up to six months, you can say goodbye to annoying interruptions during your work or gaming sessions. This sustainable feature also contributes to reducing e-waste, as it circumvents the need for disposable batteries.

Connectivity is a key feature of the Epic Wireless Keyboard. Thanks to its Bluetooth and USB wireless dongle integration, the keyboard offers remarkable flexibility. What’s more, it empowers you to switch between three saved devices – whether it be a laptop, phone, tablet, or more. This seamless transition eliminates the need for multiple keyboards, helping you save time and maintain your workflow.

Illuminated Soft-Touch keys

The Epic Wireless Keyboard shines (quite literally!) with its illuminated full-depth keys. These, combined with the soft-touch keys, offer a quiet, comfortable typing experience. Perfect for those sharing a workspace or traveling, its ergonomic design ensures your comfort even during extended typing sessions.

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In a bid to enhance user productivity, the keyboard has accessible shortcut keys that can be programmed according to your specific needs. This is made possible by a custom desktop app designed by JLab exclusively for the Epic Wireless Keyboard. With this app, you can even switch between operating systems such as Windows, iOS/Mac, Android, or Chrome OS.

The Epic Wireless Keyboard sports a minimalist and modern design without skimping on quality. The solid metal base lends an air of premium sophistication while ensuring durability. Be it for professional work setups or gaming marathons, this keyboard seems up to the task.

For more information and availability jump over to the official JBL website by following the link below.

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