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OpenAI continues to innovate with its recent introduction of keyboard shortcuts for common actions, a highly beneficial feature designed to enhance user interaction with ChatGPT. Much like the shortcuts we use on everyday applications to streamline our work, OpenAI’s latest update aims to aid in boosting productivity and improve overall user experience with its AI model, chatGPT.

In its latest ChatGPT features update, OpenAI has added seven new shortcuts or ChatGPT users to use and improve their productivity and speed of use. This introduction of ChatGPT keyboard shortcuts makes the interaction with ChatGPT not only quicker but also substantially smoother. With this, users can effortlessly perform frequent tasks without the need to navigate multiple options or sequences, reducing the time consumed and allowing users to focus better on the task at hand.

ChatGPT Keyboard shortcuts

The AI tool currently supports seven keyboard shortcuts on Windows PC and macOS as shown in the image above. Windows users can use the keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl+Shift+O (open new chat)

Shift+Esc (focus chat input)

Ctrl+Shift+; (copy last code block)

Ctrl+Shift+C (copy last response)

Ctrl+Shift+S (toggle sidebar)

Ctrl+Shift+Backspace (delete chat)

Ctrl+/ (show all keyboard shortcuts).

The keyboard shortcuts cover a multitude of common actions that users regularly employ while interacting with ChatGPT. This ranges from basic commands like copy and paste, to more complex ones like instant access to predefined functions. The beauty of this new feature lies in its ability to make these commands available at the user’s fingertips, thereby speeding up the process while ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

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In essence, OpenAI’s decision to incorporate these ChatGPT keyboard shortcuts is an indication of their focus on refining user-friendliness and creating intuitive AI tools. Prioritizing user convenience, these shortcuts are set to redefine the way users work with ChatGPT- 3 and ChatGPT-4, making their interaction not just easy but also highly productive. The new feature adds to OpenAI’s reputation as an innovative organization continuously working towards improving user experience with technology.

Other new features for August 2023

Other new features rolled out by OpenAI to its ChatGPT service include

Enhanced prompt examples: We recognize that starting a conversation from a blank page can sometimes feel daunting. That’s why, at the commencement of every new chat, you will now see a selection of examples. These examples serve as handy starting points to help ignite your creativity and provide a framework to help you begin your conversation with minimal hassles.

Introduction of suggested replies: Enhance the depth and quality of your conversations with ChatGPT with an innovative feature: suggested replies. This feature allows you to delve deeper into conversations with just a click. ChatGPT will now suggest contextually relevant responses that can assist you in progressing your ongoing chat smoothly with lesser mental effort.

Automatic GPT-4 usage for Plus users: Embark on your chat journey with one less thing to worry about. As a Plus user, every time you start a new chat, ChatGPT will automatically remember and select your previously used model. It ends the need for defaulting back to GPT-3.5, upgrading your chatting experience and ensuring seamless user friendliness.

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Multiple file upload capability: The Code Interpreter beta available to all Plus users now boasts a new functionality. You can request ChatGPT to analyze data and generate key insights from multiple files simultaneously. This adds to the Assistant’s versatility tailored to meet all your advanced analytical and problem-solving needs.

Continuous login feature: No more getting logged out every fortnight! Now, once you log in, you stay logged in until you decide to log out. And when you do need to log in, you’ll be presented with a significantly more user-friendly and welcoming login interface, elevating your user experience.

For more information on all the new features and ChatGPT Keyboard shortcuts released this month jump over to the official ChatGPT release notes on the OpenAI website.

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