How to run 1,000s of ChatGPT prompts in bulk in just a few minutes


How to run 1,000s of ChatGPT prompts in bulk in just a few minutes

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This method offers a unique solution for those seeking to run thousands of ChatGPT prompts in just a few minutes. This innovative approach combines the power of AI tools like ChatGPT with the versatility of Google Sheets, opening up a plethora of applications tailored to individual needs.

ChatGPT, a tool known for its ability to generate fresh content, can be seamlessly integrated into Google Sheets, enabling users to automate multiple tasks simultaneously. This integration is made possible through the use of two extensions: Cargo and GPT for Sheets and Docs.

Automate your email marketing and more

Cargo, an innovative add-on that can be powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI, and serves as an invaluable tool for professionals in sales and marketing sectors. It is designed to execute a myriad of critical tasks from writing sales emails and follow-up correspondences, to crafting eloquent google ad copies and engaging blog posts at scale. Utilizing artificial intelligence to its advantage, it offers a myriad of pre-built templates, setting a new standard in the realm of content creation.

The key feature of Cargo lies in its ability to adapt to various types of text-based tasks, essentially making it a one-stop-shop for all promotional and marketing needs. Gone are the days of painstakingly drafting and proofreading sales emails. With Cargo, marketing and sales emails can be produced swiftly, efficiently, and at an unprecedented scale. It helps you avoid duplication of efforts and maintain consistency across all communications, thereby ensuring that you always stay on brand.

How to run 1,000s of ChatGPT prompts in just a few minutes

More than just crafting emails, Cargo also excels at creating compelling follow-ups. Nurturing leads and retaining customers’ attention often require a sequence of well-articulated follow-ups. Making these follow-ups unique, personalized yet informative can be tedious and time-consuming. With Cargo, you can conveniently and efficiently create numerous follow-ups without compromising on quality, ensuring the desired engagement from the audience. Watch the tutorial video below to learn more about how you can run thousands of ChatGPT prompts in bulk using just a few Google Sheets extensions thanks to Dr Alex Young.

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To harness the full potential of these tools, users are required to integrate their own OpenAI API code into both extensions. This allows them to make API calls to OpenAI, thereby facilitating the communication between the plugins and GPT via the API.

The process is simple yet effective. Users can add variables or prompts in the side panels of these tools and use commands to action information in specific cells. This allows them to build multiple prompts at the same time using information from the cells. The plugins then use this cell information as variables to generate hundreds or even thousands of potential outputs.

ChatGPT prompts in bulk

One of the most practical applications of this process is the creation of personalized outreach emails or LinkedIn messages, a task typically performed by sales development representatives. Variables that change across emails, such as first name, last name, company, job title, interests, company size, etc., can be put into rows. Users can then input information corresponding to these rows, such as data scraped from LinkedIn or existing email lists.

The next step involves writing a prompt, asking GPT to write an email to the variable first name about a specific industry, for example. Users can test this prompt with example data in ChatGPT before plugging it into Sheets. They can also specify what each variable corresponds to in terms of the row and where the output will appear in the Google sheet using Cargo.

The quality of the email directly corresponds to the quality of the prompt put in, underscoring the importance of prompt engineering. This tutorial is part of a technology club series, with more general use cases for AI available to view.

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Automate your marketing and advertising

“Cargo is the first composable revenue platform that unlocks data access for revenue teams to automate their data operations. It provides a simple layer enabling them to orchestrate use cases like ABM, account scoring, lead routing and more, … to generate more revenue.”

Advertising forms the backbone of sales and marketing strategies. Crafting targeted Google ad copies often require creative acumen and insightful understanding of algorithms to reach the right audience. Cargo, with AI-driven techniques, is equipped to generate powerful Google ad copies. It ensures content relevance, high click-through rates, and optimal conversion rates, thus making your ad campaigns more effective.

Moreover, Cargo enables you to generate quality blog posts leveraging the power of AI. With its pre-built templates, creating engaging, SEO-friendly and compelling blog posts becomes a significantly streamlined process. It allows marketers to create value-driven content, promoting better viewer engagement and higher web traffic.

ChatGPT automated marketing

The defining feature of Cargo is its ability to work in sync with your spreadsheet inputs. You simply give inputs to our add-on, and the AI intelligently auto-fills your spreadsheet, ensuring a seamless content management system. This is an instrumental feature for large scale projects where numerous textual content needs to be managed and organized.

In essence, Cargo is more than just an OpenAI add-on. It is the torchbearer of revolutionizing sales and marketing approaches by empowering them with the power of AI. Whether you need to create enchanting ads, write compelling sales emails or manage your content efficiently, Cargo provides a solution that saves time and enhances productivity. With Cargo, you’re not just bolstering your marketing strategies, but also embarking on a journey toward the future of marketing – a future characterized by the power and convenience of artificial intelligence.

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This innovative approach offers a powerful solution for those seeking to run thousands of ChatGPT prompts in just a few minutes. By combining AI tools with Google Sheets, users can automate a wide variety of tasks, opening up a world of possibilities tailored to their individual needs.

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