New Google Photos Memories view launches


New Google Photos Memories view launches

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In a move that is set to delight users worldwide, Google Photos is launching a new feature known as Memories view. This innovative feature, reminiscent of a digital scrapbook, employs artificial intelligence to curate and organize users’ photos and videos into a timeline. The aim is to help users relive, customize, and share their most cherished moments with ease.

The Memories view feature is currently rolling out in the U.S., with plans to expand its availability globally in the coming months. Users can easily access this feature in the updated navigation menu located at the bottom of the Photos app.

Google Photos Memories

The Memories view is not just about viewing past memories; it also allows users to create new ones. Users can save their favorite memories to the Memories view or even create their own from scratch. The feature offers the flexibility to add or remove specific photos and videos, hide memories altogether, or rename memories to better reflect their significance.

Google Photos Memories 2023

In a bid to make the feature more user-friendly, Google Photos provides a set of customized title suggestions created with generative AI. These suggestions can be accessed through the “Help me title” button on select memories. Users have the option to edit the suggested titles or ask for more options. They can also guide the suggestions towards important details by clicking the “Add hint” button.

While the feature is still experimental, it will initially be available to select accounts in the U.S. One of the most exciting aspects of the Memories view is the ability to co-author memories. Users can invite friends or family to contribute photos and videos to a shared memory, which can then be saved to the user’s Memories view for later viewing.

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In the near future, Google plans to enhance the sharing capabilities of the Memories view. Users will soon be able to share their memories as videos via messaging or social media apps, making it even easier to share those special moments with loved ones. With the introduction of the Memories view, Google Photos is truly revolutionizing the way users interact with their photos and videos.

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