Ejari Registration In Dubai: Complete Guide 2023


Ejari Registration In Dubai: Complete Guide 2023

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Ejari Registration In Dubai: Complete Guide 2023

Do you know the meaning of the word Ejari? It is used synonymously with the word ‘my rent’ but in a popular context in Dubai, it is a term that describes a system controlling the contract between landlords and tenants.

The Ejari certificate is issued by the Dubai Land department and it is important because it is necessary for a tenancy contract in Dubai as it legally protects the relationship between landlords and tenants. If you are also planning to rent a property in Dubai you can speak with real estate agents in Dubai who will show you the best rental properties available in Dubai located in fantastic neighborhoods. But you have to get an Ejari certificate for renting a property and you can apply for it online.

Want to know the steps involved in online Ejari registration? Have a look at the Ejari registration guide.

Ejari And Its Benefits

The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) launched Ejari in 2007. It has become mandatory to apply for Ejari online registration for all tenancy contracts in Dubai. Some of the benefits of having Ejari documents are-

  • It legalizes private rental contracts and ensures the documents are in a structured format approved by the Government
  • The agreed rental price of the property is recorded officially in the Ejari document as solid proof of the agreement
  • It helps in creating the DEWA account for water and electricity
  • It helps landlords and tenants to maintain a smooth professional relationship
  • The document ensures that no fraud or tampering takes place
  • It provides transparency in case of any dispute
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How to Register for Ejari Online?

Tenants can register for Ejari online by following the steps below. If you need more information about the Ejari application, you can call the real estate brokers in Dubai near you and ask for their assistance.

  • Firstly you have to download the Dubai REST application
  • Find the ‘Services’ tab and click ‘RERA’.
  • Now select ‘Register Ejari Contract’
  • Fill in the details in the application without any mistakes and attach the documents required
  • Submit the application
  • Then it is the landlord’s job to approve the tenant’s request of applying for Ejari through Dubai REST
  • After the application is approved you have to pay the Ejari fee via the app.
  • You will get the Ejari contract on the Dubai REST app

What Documents Are Required For Ejari?

If you want to register for Ejari then you need to submit some important Ejari required documents. So keep the following documents ready.

  • Original signed tenancy contract
  • Security deposit receipt
  • Tenant’s Emirates ID
  • Copies of landlord passports
  • Tenant’s passports in case of non-GCC country nationals
  • Tenant’s UAE Visa in case of non-GCC countries nationals
  • A valid power of attorney document copy if a PoA has signed the contract
  • 9-digit DEWA Premises Number
  • DEWA Bill and also the previous Ejari document if you are renewing it
  • Trade license required for commercial properties
  • Rented property title deed

What Is The Fee For Ejari Registration?

You have to pay a fee to apply for Ejari registration in Dubai. The fee depends on whether you decide to register through the application process or a trustee centre.

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If you are registering through the Dubai REST application, you have to pay AED 155 for the registration of Ejari contracts, AED 10 as an Innovation fee and AED 10 as a knowledge fee.

On the other hand, if you are registering for Ejari through the trustee’s centre the costs are a Total of AED 219.75 with Vat included and AED 10 as knowledge fee and AED 10 as Innovation fee.

When Can You Get the Ejari?

After the Ejari registration process is complete you will get the Ejari contract containing all the terms and conditions. You will also get a unique Ejari ID within one to two working days after applying through the website and the Dubai REST app. You will receive a text message asking you to set up a DEWA connection.

Where Are Ejari Registration Centres Located?

If you want to locate the Ejari registration centres in Dubai to apply for Ejari then you can visit the approved Ejari centres below.

  • Al Manara Centre
  • Al Barsha Mall
  • Oud Metha
  • Port Saeed
  • Zabeel

When And How To Cancel The Ejari?

The landlord can visit the Ejari centres in Dubai to cancel the Ejari after the tenant moves out. There should be only one Ejari registration in a property because if the previous Ejari is not properly canceled a new tenant cannot register an Ejari for it.

To cancel the Ejari the landlord has to visit any of the approved Ejari cen tres and submit the old Ejari contract along with NOC or the cancellation letter. The cancellation cost is AED 30 and the process will be completed within an hour by submitting all the required documents.

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