Google Workspace gets new security features


Google Workspace gets new security features

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Google Workspace gets new security features

Google has announced that it is bringing some new security features to Google Workspace and some of these new fesatures ar powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can see more details below.

Today, we are introducing new capabilities to provide IT and security teams with more granular controls over data use and access, including:

  • Leveraging Google AI to automatically and continuously classify and label data in Google Drive to help ensure data is appropriately shared and protected from exfiltration: Administrators can now use confidentiality-preserving AI models, customized uniquely for their organization, to automatically classify and label new and existing files in Drive. Data protection controls, such as DLP or CAA, can then be applied based on the security policy. This is now available in preview.
  • Enforcing context-aware DLP controls in Drive: Workspace admins can set criteria, such as device location or security status, that must be met in order for a user to be able to share sensitive content in Drive. This new capability provides more granular controls to help prevent unintended data loss and will be available later this year in preview.
  • Extending enhanced DLP controls to Gmail: Already available in Google Chat, Drive, and Chrome to help security teams control sharing sensitive information inside and outside the organization, enhanced DLP controls are coming to Gmail and will be available in preview later this year.

You can find out more details about the new security features that are coming to Google Workspace over at Google’s website at the link below.

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