From Traditional To Modern Designs


From Traditional To Modern Designs

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From Traditional To Modern Designs

Hookahs, also known as water pipes or shishas, have been around for centuries. They originated in the Middle East and have since spread across the globe. Today, hookah enthusiasts can find a broad range of the Best Hookahs of 2023, from the most traditional to modern innovations. Here’s a rundown of the top 10 shishas spanning a variety of styles.

1. Traditional Egyptian Hookahs

These are perhaps the most well-known type of shisha. Made with brass or copper, they often feature intricate engravings and designs. A hallmark of the Egyptian hookah is its durability and single-hose design, ideal for an authentic shisha experience.

2. Syrian Hookahs

The Syrian style is another traditional choice, known for its ornate metalwork and wooden components. They’re slightly more compact than Egyptian shishas but offer an equally rich smoking experience.

3. Lebanese Hookahs

Lebanese shishas often stand out due to their colorful glass bases and intricate designs. While maintaining a traditional look, they might come with more modern touches, such as multiple hoses.

4. Modern Rotating Hookahs

Rotating water pipes are a recent innovation. They come with a base that can turn 360 degrees, making passing the hose around in group sessions easier. The design ensures the hose doesn’t get tangled, adding convenience.

5. Glass Hookahs

These are a sleek and modern take on the traditional hookah. Entirely made of glass, they offer a cleaner taste since there are no metal or rubber parts. Plus, watching the smoke travel through the transparent setup is mesmerizing.

6. Pocket Hookahs

For those on the move, pocket water pipes are a game-changer. These portable compact devices make them perfect for outdoor sessions or trips. They’re straightforward to set up and pack a punch in flavor despite their size.

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7. E-Hookahs

Electronic or e-hookahs don’t use coal or tobacco. Instead, they rely on vaporization, similar to e-cigarettes. They are battery-operated and offer a more convenient and cleaner experience with various flavored e-liquids.

8. Multi-Hose Hookahs

These are ideal for group sessions. Modern designs allow for 2, 3, or even 4 hoses, ensuring everyone gets a turn without waiting. It’s a communal experience that combines tradition with contemporary needs.

9. Artisanal Custom Hookahs

For those who appreciate unique designs, custom-made water pipes offer a touch of luxury. Craftsmen tailor these hookahs to individual preferences, often incorporating premium materials like gold, silver, and gemstones.

10. LED Hookahs

LED hookahs come with built-in lights illuminating the base to add a modern flair to your shisha session. The changing colors create a visual treat, especially in dim environments, making the session more atmospheric.

Safety and Maintenance Tips for Hookah Lovers

To fully enjoy your hookah experience and ensure its longevity, it’s vital to prioritize safety and proper maintenance:

Safe Usage:

  • Be cautious when blending tobacco flavors; some combinations may be too intense or harsh.
  • Regularly clean your hookah to prevent contamination from previous sessions, focusing on the hose, bowl, and vase.
  • Smoke in well-ventilated areas to minimize carbon monoxide inhalation.
  • Opt for high-quality coals to reduce harmful emissions.


  • Replace the water every session to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Dry your hookah thoroughly post-cleaning to avoid rust and mold.
  • Store in a cool, dry spot if not in regular use.
  • Periodically inspect and replace any worn-out or damaged components.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure a safe, flavorful, and enduring shisha experience.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you lean towards the age-old charm of traditional designs or the ease and flair of modern ones, the Best Hookahs of 2023 offer an array of choices. Embrace the culture, enjoy the experience, but always prioritize safety and maintenance for the best sessions.

As with any tradition that stands the test of time, the essence of hookah lies not just in its design but also in the memories and camaraderie it fosters.

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