Bforartists 3.6.2 Blender based fork released


Bforartists 3.6.2 Blender based fork released

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Bforartists 3.6.2 Blender based fork released

In the realm of 3D content creation, Bforartists has emerged as a powerful, free, open-source 3D suite. This software is designed for crafting a wide range of computer graphics (CG) content, from game graphics to pre-rendered movies and stills. Bforartists is not just another 3D software; it is a fork of the widely recognized open source 3D software, Blender. This innovative software was developed by a group of 3D enthusiasts who sought to enhance Blender’s capabilities and make it more accessible to a broader audience. Check out the full list of differences between Bforartists vs Blender  below.

Bforartists’ primary objective is to offer a more refined graphical user interface (GUI) and improved usability compared to Blender. It moves away from a hotkey-centered user experience (UX) and instead focuses on providing a user-friendly, intuitive graphical UI. This shift in design philosophy makes Bforartists a more approachable tool for those new to the world of 3D content creation.

One of the key strengths of Bforartists is its compatibility. The software is fully compatible with Blender files and addons, meaning every feature that works in Blender should also function seamlessly in Bforartists. This compatibility ensures a smooth transition for users switching from Blender to Bforartists.

Bforartists 3.6.2

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Bforartists’ GUI is a testament to thoughtful design. It is streamlined, cleaner, and organized, featuring consistent colored iconography and left-aligned text. These details, along with its customizable nature, simplify day-to-day work and make the software more user-friendly.

The differences between Bforartists and Blender are not just skin deep. Bforartists introduces a new default keymap, an extended and cleaned-up user interface, improved default settings, and a configurable toolbar. It also offers improved default workspace layouts, better tooltips, and more. These enhancements make Bforartists a more efficient and intuitive tool for 3D content creation.

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Bforartists also includes some extra add-ons to further improve usability. These include the reset 3D View add-on, Brush Panels, and the Set Dimensions add-on. These additional features provide users with more control and flexibility in their creative process.

While Blender primarily targets professionals, Bforartists is designed with hobbyists and indie developers in mind. This focus makes it a more accessible tool for those who are just starting their journey in 3D content creation or those who prefer a more intuitive interface.

To further assist users, Bforartists offers an extended GUI reference manual. This manual has been rewritten with the tools, editors, and operators in mind, not just the hotkeys. It also removes UX tips and tricks to keep it minimal and GUI-oriented, making it a valuable resource for users to understand and navigate the software effectively.

Main differences between Bforartists and Blender are:

  • An new default keymap, reduced to a minimal and necessary hotkey layout with 3D navigation that can be exclusively done by mouse.
  • Cleaned up User Interface. Lots of unnecessary double, triple or even more identical menu entries are combined, removed and/or exposed.
  • Extended User Interface. Many tools that were formerly hotkey only have a menu entry now.
  • Rearranged User Interface. Some things are better accessible now, some less frequent operators are no-longer in the way anymore.
  • Improved default settings.
  • Colored Iconography with silhuette, color coding, form and detail consistently placed everywhere.
  • A configurable toolbar with icon buttons.
  • A pinnable tool shelf with the header based tools, exposed at a top-level in panels.
  • Tabs in the toolshelf.
  • A node add toolshelf for quick point and click
  • Improved default workspace layouts.
  • Left aligned checkboxes and text where possible.
  • Indented titles for properties.
  • Better and more tooltips.
  • Better contrast on a readable standard theme.
  • Some extra add-ons to improve usability, like the reset 3D View add-on, Brush Panels or the Set Dimensions add-on with which you can scale in world coordinates in edit mode.
  • And lots of extra small details: like not so many delete confirm dialogs, quick editor toggles, scene management in the outliner, and more.
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Bforartists is a powerful, user-friendly alternative to Blender. Its refined GUI, improved usability, and additional features make it an excellent choice for hobbyists and indie developers looking to create stunning 3D content.

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