A Deeper Look Into Rare Carat’s YouTube Realm


A Deeper Look Into Rare Carat’s YouTube Realm

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A Deeper Look Into Rare Carat’s YouTube Realm

Being the most popular gemstone type, Diamonds have captivated gem enthusiasts since the dawn of time. In the vast online world, curious gem enthusiasts have found an extensive source of knowledge, inspiration, entertainment, and community in the form of Rare Carat’s official YouTube channel. Subscribers and customers of Rare Carat alike have expressed the channel to be a treasure trove filled with mesmerizing gem showcases, expert insights for an elevated diamond shopping experience, and required educational content in a simple and entertaining format.

Now, let’s go on a journey next to explore the captivating realm that Rare Carat’s YouTube channel has crafted for gem enthusiasts and all diamond buyers:

The biggest online sale and the rise of the channel

Rare Carat has a few impressive titles under its belt even though it was launched in 2016. Rare Carat is ranked the best ring marketplace in America with a 4.9/5 review rating in both Trustpilot and Google Business Profile. Indeed, their luxurious collection of certified natural and lab-grown diamonds available at the best price played a major factor in nabbing such achievements this quickly.

However, their diligent and approachable effort to educate diamond buyers is what sets Rare Carat apart from the rest. They have made great efforts to ensure they can provide all the required information to their buyers and all gem enthusiasts; may it by being the best source for unbiased GIA-certified gemologist input or their AI price and quality check tools and YouTube channel created in 2018.

Rare Carat’s YouTube channel is all about inspiring and educating all gem enthusiasts. From Diamond 101 educational videos and shorts to showcase of the best-selling rings of each week to information about Rare Carat from the founder himself, the channel has a lot to offer. Such versatility in their YouTube channel has led to a growing number of followers. Rare Carat’s efforts to simplify online diamond purchasing via such educational and informational content on their YouTube channels and official website made record-breaking changes.

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Rare Carat today has even more customers, subscribers, and popularity because last year it made headlines for selling a 21-carat diamond online for $2.5 million (the priciest-ever online sale of a single diamond). But what surprised all gem enthusiasts and curious minds alike was the buyer’s comment on how he got it at such a reasonable price because of Rare Carat.

As per reports, Rare Carat ensured the buyer was able to save at least $700,000 to nearly $1 million on this iconic purchase. For more information on this sale, click here:

Buy the perfect diamond at Rare Carat

What YouTube audiences prefer about Rare Carat’s official YouTube channel is that it educates and inspires the audience in an entertaining format. Their helpful tools including the Diamond Price Matching tool will allow any buyers to get the perfect diamond at a great price. The nearly $1 million savings on a diamond purchase was not a shock to Rare Carat’s customers as saving on any diamond purchase is a straightforward and successful process at Rare Carat.

In reality, a diamond can be at least 12 to 21% higher on different platforms than at smaller retailers. Rare Carat connects buyers directly with more than 150 trusted wholesalers that provide conflict-free and certified diamonds in 4Cs diamond grading specs of your choice.

As Rare Carat does not practice owning inventory, it takes a lower profit margin than other retailers allowing buyers to get access to a vast collection of elegant and economical diamonds. If you are interested to learn about this in detail, this article from the reputed New York Times can be of great help.

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A few years back online shopping for diamonds was an unimaginable and unsafe concept that has been reshaped by Rare Carat. From providing laser inscription verification to free insured shipping to 100% money-back guarantees to free 30-Day returns to free 90-Day ring resizing, Rare Carat has simplified and elevated the overall online diamond buying experience. With statistics like a 14 to 25% (2015-2022) increase in online sales of jewelry in the US alone, it is safe to say the increased popularity of Rare Carat’s YouTube channel and Rare Carat in the coming years is evident and welcomed.

To Conclude

Rare Carat’s YouTube Channel and their official Pinterest account check it out Rare Carat is considered the best source to get inspired and plan to buy that perfect diamond ring for you. Such social media accounts of Rare Carat are loved and recommended by all gem enthusiasts as it is the best place to dive into the fascinating world of all things diamond, may it be natural or lab-grown. So, visit or check out their official YouTube channel today for more!

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