Latest Samsung SmartThings showcased at IFA 2023


Latest Samsung SmartThings showcased at IFA 2023

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Latest Samsung SmartThings showcased at IFA 2023

Samsung has showcased its latest Samsung SmartThings at IFAS 20-23, The company has provided details about its vision for its SmartThings device and platform, which now has more than 285 million users worldwide.

The SmartThings app allows users to control their homes from anywhere, helping them to enjoy seamless entertainment as well as keeping them safe. Across Europe, our homes continue to be more important than ever as they play multiple roles each day  from offices to places for relaxation and entertainment. Seven in ten consumers (71%) agree that technology has a positive impact on their everyday living, including how they interact with their friends and family, how they conduct their chores and how they enjoy their hobbies.¹

Now, those with a passion for food can fully connect themselves to the joy of cooking and eating with Samsung Food, the new all-in-one app for recipe searching, saving and sharing, meal planning, cooking and grocery shopping. Announced at the press conference, Samsung Food is available in 104 countries and eight languages and puts the world’s food knowledge at users’ fingertips, empowering them to make the food, health and cooking decisions that are right for them. It also connects to users’ kitchens, instantly sending the right time and temperature to their compatible Samsung oven. With more than 160,000 recipes, there will always be something new to cook.

Samsung also provided more details about its new Samsung Food App which uses AI, you can find out more information about what they announced at IFA 2023 over at Samsung’s website at the link below.

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