Level 99 CI Crit Lightning Arrow Inquisitor


Level 99 CI Crit Lightning Arrow Inquisitor

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Level 99 CI Crit Lightning Arrow Inquisitor

Stacking all three attributes in Path of Exile 3.22 is considered more of a gimmick, one that does work. But it’s always treated as a meme since focusing on one gives you more damage.

On that note today, I decide to push that limit of an all attribute stacker to the extreme with over 4,000 total attributes on a fully functional character.

This build has 50,000 Evasion Rating, over 12,000 Energy Shield, Spell Suppression, and high recovery, which consists of both decent inner shield regeneration and double Leech. It also has amazing shotgun clearing with Lightning Arrow combined with +1 Chain corruption on our offhand. If you also want to make this tanky build in POE 3.22, just buy POE Currency now.


We started with Templar and then ascended him into an Inquisitor. And that’s for a lot of reasons.

The biggest reason is Righteous Providence. This node is designed for our build and POE 3.22 currency in particular. It grants us 50 to both strength and intelligence and scales our Critical Strike Chance based on the lowest of the two. We have both strength and intelligence sitting at over 1,400 each. That’s 1400 increased Critical Strike Chance, which is about more than enough to create a capio by itself.

Next, we have the infamous Inevitable Judgment node. This one makes our Critical Strikes and ignores enemy monster resistance. This is double damage against Pinnacle bosses in particular. You can see the synergy with the previous node, which ends up being as good as 7 Watcher’s Eye nodes by itself.

Next, we have the Sanctuary. This node gives us consecrated ground while stationary. In addition, it causes enemies standing on it to take 15% increased damage. You are supposed to be hugging enemies to take full advantage of this, which perfectly fits our playstyle of choice.

Finally, we have the Pious Path. This node makes the effect of consecrated ground we create linger on us 4 seconds after we started moving. It’s good for retaining its regeneration buff combined with Zealot’s Oath.

Passive Tree

Now, let’s take a look at our passive tree.

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Our passive tree focuses on Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity that alongside their large respective wheels. It also has a few auto nodes, crit multi, attack speed, bow nodes, and projectile crit chance and crit multi.

Next, we have one large cluster jewel that adds the minimum amount of passives and any generic attack notables. These must include at least one that grants Life Leech so that we can leach from it using Ghost Reaver. Ideally, you can choose the Drive the Destruction. We also have Heavy Hitter to go with it.

Next, for Mastery choices, we have:

  • 1% increased Damage per 5 of your lowest Attribute – Attribute Mastery
  • 1% increased Projectile Damage per 16 Dexterity – Projectile Mastery
  • 5% increased Attributes – Attribute Mastery
  • 8% increased Damage for each of your Aura or Herald Skills affecting you – Reservation Mastery
  • 25% to Critical Strike Multiplier against Unique Enemies – Critical Mastery
  • Chance to Suppress Spell Damage is Lucky – Spell Suppression Mastery


Now, let’s talk about rare POE Items in this build.

First, we have Saqawal’s Nest Items unique chest. We use this one for both its massive bonuses to all attributes and Mana Reservation Efficiency. The rest of its stats do not matter as we are not even using Aspect of the Avian in this build.

Next, we have Cyclopean Coil. This belt increases our attributes and then increases our global damage by 1% per 5 of our lowest attributes. This is simply best in slot even without a corruption on it.

Next, we have Eyes of the Greatwolf unique Talisman, with the perfectly rolled increased attributes implicit on it. With it, you would want to go with anything that you can have. I went with regeneration because regeneration is nice.

The Astramentis Onyx Amulet is expensive and will cost you lots of POE Orbs. But it’s about just as good as the perfectly rolled as tremendous in terms of attributes. Hence, the only bonus you are getting from upgrade trading from an Astromantis to this one is the second implicit that you get with it. Anyway, don’t forget to anoint your amulet with at most might as it’s the last major attribute notable that we couldn’t afford to manually allocate on the passive tree.

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Our next item is Widowhail. This bow does nothing but increase our offhand quiver effect by 250%. Ideally, you want to get one with level 10 Momentum Support corruption. I don’t have that, but you should try to get one as soon as you find it on the market.

Now, what’s the best quiver to go alongside this bow? There is only one option – The Poised Prism. It adds a lot of damage of every damage type, depending on all of your attributes. Now, this quiver is nice, but it’s kinda lame.

Hence, I decided to spice things up with the sick Hyrri’s Demise with +1 chain and flat lightning damage corruption that I had lying around in standard.

Now, this bow is a legacy. You can no longer have this. But it adds the same flat damage as The Poised Prism. You are only losing on the 30 attributes, but you are getting resistances in return, which is good if you need them.

But generally speaking, the build is still fully functional even without this quiver. So, don’t worry, anyway.

Next, we have a pair of two corrupted Le Heup Of All rings with increased attributes on them. This ring grants all attributes or resistances and increased global damage. It’s best in slot even without the corruption as long as you have decent rolls on it.

Now, since we have a lot of attributes, we can exploit Shaper’s Touch unique gloves for maximum value. With it, Strength now counts toward Energy Sheild just like Intelligence. Intelligence now counts toward increasing our Evasion Rating just like Dexterity. It also increases our Accuracy Rating with Intelligence, solving our hit chance issue.

Next, we got a rare helmet (Plague Horn) with as much attributes and Energy Shield as possible. You’ll get something like this by spamming Essences of Rage on a Hubris Circlet that have 30% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency to any of the 50% Auras that we’re using.

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Keep doing that until you hit Tier 1 Intelligence. Make sure you are doing this on a non-influenced helmet so that you can add Eldritch Implicits on it. One such implicit must be increased Mana Reservation Efficiency and the other one is reduced Mana cost of attacks.

Last but not least, we have a pair of generic Energy Shield boots (Storm Trail) that have movement speed, intelligence, and as much resistances as you can have.


Now, let’s talk about gems that go inside of the above items.

For our main six-link, we have Lightning Arrow, Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks, Damage on Full Life, Anomalous Inspiration, Increased Critical Damage, and Trinity. Make sure to swap Trinity for Barrage support for these big bosses.

Next, for our second six-link, we have our Auras, they are: Haste, Purity of Elements, Grace, Discipline, Clarity, and a level 4 Enlighten.

Next, we have a four-link damage support setup. This one contains Sniper’s Mark, Mark On Hit, Enhance and Inspiration.

Last but not least, we have an optional four-link that contains a few leftover gems. This one has Precision, Divergent Vitality, Dash, and Summon Lightning Golem.


Now, let’s talk about jewels.

For our Watcher’s Eye, we have percent of Mana gain as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity and increased attack damage while affected by Precision.

Aside from that, we have one Forbidden Flame and one Forbidden Flesh Jewels. Both of these must mention Sanctuary of Thought hierophant ascendancy node. This one grants us 20% of our Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield, reduces our Global Mana cost by half, and improves our Aura’s Mana Reservation Efficiency by 20%.

Next, we have one Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel. It doesn’t matter which general’s name is mentioned on it as we melee use it for the added bonuses it provides to nearby notables.

Aside from that, we are using two Split Personality jewels, each with two different attributes on it. You want to prioritize ones that increase your minimum attributes, as that will increase your damage along the way.

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