What Is The Customer Conversion Funnel: The Basics


What Is The Customer Conversion Funnel: The Basics

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The customer conversion funnel is the journey that people take when they want to buy something. It has various steps, and by looking at these we can see how they go from just knowing about a product to actually buying it. But sometimes, people stop at some steps and don’t buy- this is called ‘drop off’.

Understanding what this is and why people drop off the funnel each stage is important as a business owner, as it allows you to remove any potential issues and get more sales. It’s important to implement strategies that work effectively to reduce these drop offs as this will improve your overall conversion rates- here’s how the funnel works and what you need to know. 

1. Awareness

At the top of the funnel is the awareness stage, this is the point where potential customers first encounter your brand, product or service. It’s essential to make a strong impression during this stage because this sets the tone for the entire customer journey. Effective strategies here can involve creating eye catching visuals, a professional looking website, compelling content and memorable brand messaging which captures the target audience’s attention and generates curiosity.

2. Interest

Once your potential customers are aware of your product or service, they move into the interest stage. In this phase they begin to explore a little further and look for additional information. This is a great opportunity to engage customers with in depth content, informative resources and engaging storytelling. Through addressing their initial questions and showcasing the value of what you’re offering, your business can nurture the customers’ interest and keep them invested in the journey.

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3. Consideration

As customers progress through the next stage of the funnel, they enter the consideration stage. Here they’re actively comparing different options and evaluating how well each potential purchase is aligning with their needs and preferences. To retain their interest and confidence you should provide them with comprehensive information, this can include detailed product specifications, customer reviews, comparisons and more. This stage is all about building trust and credibility, as customers weigh their choices.

4. Intent

The intent stage is where your potential customers signal a strong intention to make a purchase. This could mean adding items to their cart or initiating the checkout process. At this juncture, it’s absolutely crucial to streamline the path to conversion as this can be a stage where many potential customers will drop off.

Eliminate any barriers or friction points that could deter customers from completing their purchase. A seamless, user-friendly checkout process, multiple payment options, and clear calls-to-action are vital components of success at this stage. You could look into options like magento payment gateway for your website, Paypal checkout and more. 

5. Conversion

The end of the customer funnel comes the conversion stage. This is where your potential customer becomes an actual buyer. A successful conversion is the result of all the stages beforehand working cohesively. The efforts you put into capturing their attention, nurturing their interest, providing information and facilitating decision making will all lead to the ultimate goal of securing a sale.

As a business owner you can learn more about the sales funnel and other useful marketing knowledge by checking out helpful resources like online courses and webinars. Books and ebooks are also great options as they explain things in simple terms and give practical examples. Talking to experts in marketing or joining business groups can offer valuable insights too.

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There are lots of articles, blogs and videos online that break down the sales funnel stages and show how each one can be better managed. When you understand this concept, you’re essentially getting a roadmap to understand how customers go from just knowing about a product to actually buying it which can be incredibly valuable information. By exploring these kinds of resources, you can become more confident in navigating the sales funnel and boosting your sales, even if you’re already having success in your company or outsource your marketing, its important to be in the know yourself and push yourself to keep learning more.

What issues have you found within your own particular sales funnel in your company?

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