Vivaldi web browser redesigned for speed


Vivaldi web browser redesigned for speed

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The Vivaldi development team has once again proven their commitment to delivering an exceptional browsing experience. This month, they have unveiled a plethora of new features for the Vivaldi web browser, which is built on Google’s Chrome framework.

The most significant change is a comprehensive code refactoring that has resulted in a much faster browsing experience. This speed increase is largely due to the introduction of browser windows through React portals. This innovative feature reduces memory usage and enhances overall performance, making the browser more efficient and responsive.

The speed improvement is especially noticeable when opening a new window or navigating tabs across different windows. Thanks to the portal-aware functionality, users will experience a significant increase in speed when opening a new window, irrespective of whether they use Shortcuts, Menus, or Quick Commands.

Vivaldi browser on Android

Internal tests conducted by the Vivaldi team have shown impressive results. The opening of new windows has increased by 37% compared to the previous version, and a whopping 64% increase compared to a 2018 version.

But the enhancements don’t stop at speed. Vivaldi now offers customizable Address Field suggestions, giving users the ability to prioritize the order of the drop-down menu. This feature adds a layer of personalization and convenience to the browsing experience.

Vivaldi browser on desktop

In addition, a new button in the History Panel allows users to quickly purge their recent or entire browsing history and data. This feature provides an extra layer of privacy and control to the users.

The browser has also improved its news feed detection on websites, enabling users to follow updates from their favorite news publishers and blogs directly in Vivaldi.

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Vivaldi Mail, the built-in email client, has also received an upgrade. It now offers new mail filters and a drop-down menu with textual descriptions in the “Vertical Layout”.

Lastly, Vivaldi Social, the browser’s social media platform, is now available for users to join and interact with the community. This feature provides a space for users to connect, share, and learn from each other.

The Vivaldi web browser has undergone a significant transformation, focusing on speed and user experience. With these new features and improvements, Vivaldi continues to push the boundaries of what a web browser can offer.

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