Exploring the Incident of Leaked Snapchat


Exploring the Incident of Leaked Snapchat

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Exploring the Incident of Leaked Snapchat

Technology, especially the internet has transformed the way we connect with others and share information, using various social media platforms. These applications have granted us the ability to seamlessly share photos and videos, fostering greater connectivity and creativity. Snapchat, in particular, has gained immense popularity due to its diverse and captivating features. 

Nonetheless, it is crucial to bear in mind that along with the capabilities that technology offers, there also arises a responsibility. These apps are not as data-safe as they should be. Due to this, on many occasions, we heard news that the data of the chatting app was leaked by a third party. A similar incident happened with the ‘Snapchat’ app. Let us go into detail about the ‘Leaked Snapchat data’ incident:

Understanding ‘Snappening’- An Event of ‘Leaked Snapchat Data’ 

‘Snappening’ is a term given to an incident in which intimate & explicit images of people have allegedly been leaked from a third-party application, causing much uproar among its users.

In 2013–14, more than 2 lakh images were leaked online along with 10,000 videos. Leaked Snapchat permits its users to share videos and photos that disappear 10 seconds after receiving them. Because of this feature, many users used to share their intimate photos with their loved ones, which is not safe as it still allows that person to save the photo by taking a screenshot instantly.

After that incident, we recently heard the news of ‘Leaked Snapchat data’ in May 2019. In this news, we heard that Snapchat employees were using the app to spy on their users, view their chats, and more. Since then, we haven’t heard any news of the Snapchat data leak till August 2023.

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Understanding Snapchat Data Leak: Leaked Snapchats

Snapchat is a social networking app that allows its users to send pictures, messages, and videos to others. Let’s elaborate on this; A user can send a ‘Snap’, which can be a video, message, or picture, to one or multiple people. That snap is given a time-limit after which it is automatically removed from the recipient’s device & servers.

Another feature of Snapchat is helping users to be extra careful. It alerts users when a recipient takes a screenshot of an image and alerts users to hide any personal information. Although Snapchat has high security, it is still far from perfect. There are still many tricks to save Snapchat images received without alerting the sender.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that within the realms of both Android, through the Play Store, and iOS, a myriad of third-party applications and services exist. These applications, however, tend to operate outside the established guidelines set forth by Snapchat. Consequently, these third-party alternatives offer users the ability to permanently retain images and videos, a practice that runs afoul of Snapchat’s terms and conditions.

This underscores the critical importance of comprehending the gravity of the data leak issue. Astonishingly, a significant number of Snapchat users continue to operate under the misconception that their interactions are cloaked in a shroud of security. They trust that the ephemeral nature of shared photos, vanishing within a mere 10 seconds, ensures their confidentiality.

Reasons Behind Leaked Snapchat Data:

·        The main reason for ‘leaked snapchat data’ was its weak security. This gap makes the snapchat app vulnerable and allows hackers to get the usernames & phone numbers of many users. The collected information was reportedly saved and downloaded by a site using the name and was made publicly accessible worldwide.

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·        Following data leak hackers claimed that they were able to access ‘Leaked Snapchat’ data by exploiting a flaw found by security researchers the week before. The researchers reported the security flaws, stating that it rendered the app’s API hackable, exposing user information.

·        In 2019, we found out that Snapchat employees were spying on users while enjoying free access. They could not only access messages and intimate photos, but they also had access to their location. The tool they used to gain access was ‘SnapLion,’ which was originally meant to help with law enforcement requests, such as court orders and subpoenas, by providing authorized personnel with a mechanism to collect the necessary data. 

However, as time passes, employees begin to utilize this for abuse tracking, spam, and other negative actions. Back then, there was quite a bit of uncertainty surrounding the extent of fraudulent account access and the number of users who had been impacted.

A Personal Offence: Leaked Snapchats

·        Snapchat, owing to its private and ephemeral nature, has long held a somewhat notorious reputation as a platform primarily used for sexting or sharing explicit content. However, this perception has largely been debunked over the years, and even the purported source of these leaks concedes that it is not the case.

·        As outlined in the Pastebin document, “The majority of these images depict ordinary, everyday activities: strolling to school, proudly displaying a new haircut, or preparing a simple meal.” Reports from online forums discussing the leaked content corroborate that the bulk of the images and videos do not contain explicit or sexual content. Instead, they consist of mundane snapshots, offering glimpses into people’s ordinary lives.

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·        Regardless of whether these images capture nudity or mundane moments, they all share one critical attribute: they are private, intended solely for sharing with trusted individuals, and not meant for broader online audiences. Yet, these intimate snapshots find themselves compiled in a Torrent file, accessible for download and viewing by anyone with an internet connection.

·        The predominant focus, however, remains on the nude images within this collection. Not only do these images and videos represent a severe breach of privacy for the individuals depicted, but, alarmingly, many involve underage participants, raising profound concerns about child pornography. Drawing parallels with the earlier celebrity nude photo hack, a comparison emerges, though it falls short in several essential aspects, notably in addressing preventive measures against future breaches of this nature.


The ‘leaked Snapchat data‘ highlighted the severity of the security of these social media platforms, and it helps in raising awareness that we should be very careful when sharing our personal information, particularly explicit and intimate content, whether in the form of text, images, or videos. As already mentioned, third-party apps have been involved in violations of Snapchat’s terms & conditions, and are mainly accountable for breaching security features and initiating data breaches.

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