How Can We Replace The Battery in an iPad


How Can We Replace The Battery in an iPad

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How Can We Replace The Battery in an iPad

As the phone has become a consequential part of our life, we use it everywhere. Just as new innovations have been introduced with much better features, Similarly, different brands of phones are available in various sizes and shapes. The iPad is one of the best inventions in technology experts field. People use it for surfing the web reading e-books checking email, and so on.


If we compare iPhone and iPad we may say iPhone is easier to carry however the iPad gives you a bigger screen to enjoy playing games or watching your favorite videos. We do not consider anything to be beneficial for us until we use it. However, before purchasing anything we see all the features that make our device useful for us.
If we look at any smartphone brand, people tend to focus on the phones that have the best battery life and attractive design. However, many individuals want to know the steps of how to change the battery on iPad, for those we’ve provided the simple steps below.

Ways of Replacing the Battery in an iPad

So here, on iPad, you get both. If you already have an iPad but are facing a charging issue, then the iPad is also providing you with a solution. You can resolve this problem by restarting and resetting the device however the question is that if this will not be working how should it be done? Most people also want to change their iPad battery after using it.
how to replace the battery in an iPad
These are the important tools, which we will use in this replacement.
Plastic PRY Tool
Metal PRY Tool
Double-sided 3M Tape
Tool Kit with Philips
Before doing anything, you have to put in your mind that you have to complete this work, I am saying this because The steps I’m going to tell you are a bit difficult. But if you try to do them in an exemplary manner, you will get the benefit of this.

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Step:1 Tapping the Glass in Front Panel

We all know that devices are very fragile. You should be very attentive while doing the first step of replacing an iPad battery. If you want your iPad’s screen not to get damaged during this repair, cover it by tapping the glass. With the help of glass taping, there will be no risk of any damage to it.

Step 2 Disconnect iPad from power source

Before starting the process, shut down your iPad and ensure that it isn’t connected to any power source.

Step 3 iOpener Heating Methode

As we all know the display of an iPad is glued with glue. For removing this, we can use iOpener here. Before using the microwave make sure no nasty gunk is on the bottom. For this repair, we need to keep the iOpener desirable. So whenever the iOpener cools down, heat it for 30 seconds.

Do not heat the iOpener for more than 30 seconds, this may cause the opener to explode. You also have to ensure that if the iOpener swells, do not touch it. Suppose you don’t have a microwave, no need to worry as you can heat up the iOpener very easily with water. You’ve just boiled the water after boiling the water, Put an iOpener into the hot water for 2-3 minutes.
Soak the opener completely in water. After two minutes, take it out of the water and dry it with a towel. iOpener is ready to use. First, place the iOpener on top of your iPad after heating it.

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Step 4 Anti-Clamp Instructions

Start prying the display assembly, one of the corners preferably the top left with the plastic prying tool to break the seal of the iPad. Prying this till the seal is completely broken. Don’t rush fast, because this procedure takes a lot of time. By doing this too quickly, people damage the screen of their iPad, so be careful about this.

Step 5 Front Panel Assembly

Its Assembly display has 14 metal clips. After releasing these clips, then remove their assembly from the bottom part. While doing this, be careful not to remove the assembly completely, remove the attached data cable from the logic board. Do not remove these ribbon cables by hand, you should remove them with a plastic implement. With the plastic opening tool, Take out the ribbons from the upper side.

Step 6 spudger to help pull Right Speaker

After disconnecting this, remove the display assembly from the rear panel.

Step 7 Upper Component

After this step, you can see the screws on the logic board, and remove all the screws from it. Now remove the dock cable connector. At the bottom side of the logic board, you can see the 2.84 mm T5 Torx screws, remove them too.

Do all steps carefully and do not rush too fast. After praying these, Remove the speaker assembly from the panel

Step 8 Removing Bettary from the Logic Board

In the last step of the iPad replace battery process, It’s time to pry the battery from the board. From prying the battery use the plastic tool, and remove it from the bottom side of the board. Use the flat end of a spudger to separate the adhesive from the rare panel. Now remove your iPad battery with your hands.

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Everyone wants to do their work themselves. Even changing the battery in an iphone. This article is for those who enjoy doing thier work. These are the few steps of replacing the battery in an iPad. I hope you find it very beneficial. And now you’ve got the idea how to replace the bettary in an iPad

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