How to see who viewed Instagram story or stories


How to see who viewed Instagram story or stories

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How to see who viewed Instagram story or stories

Who viewed my Instagram Story? This is a question many Instagram users have, this guide will show you how you can see who has viewed your Instagram story or stories. If you want to find out who has seen your story or multiple stories on Instagram, this is a built-in feature that you can easily use.

Instagram stories have emerged as a massively popular feature of the social media platform, providing a platform for users to share ephemeral, day-to-day moments of their lives. Given their popularity, it’s only natural to wonder – who’s been watching? Maybe you’re curious to see who has glimpsed your most recent tale, or perhaps you’re interested to find out who has been consistently viewing your string of stories. This intrigue is common and understandable.

The good news is, that checking the viewership of your Instagram stories can be carried out effortlessly across an array of digital devices. This encompasses several popular platforms such as Apple’s trendsetting iPhone, any smartphone equipped with the versatile Android operating system, and also the streamlined Instagram Lite application. This feature’s accessibility ensures that irrespective of your device preference, you can stay informed about who’s keeping up with your narrative moments.

However, it’s essential to note that the exact process of viewing your story audience can exhibit slight variations depending on the device or application you’re employing. The user interfaces and system navigation can differ between iOS, Android, or Instagram Lite, thus necessitating a slightly different approach to carry out the same task. Consequently, for each specific device or application, we’ve compiled a comprehensive set of information below. Each guide is meticulously curated to help you navigate through the necessary steps smoothly, ensuring an efficient and successful user experience.

How to see who viewed your Instagram story on the iPhone

To monitor who has viewed your Instagram story within the initial 24-hour period after you’ve posted it, you’ll need to access the story directly from your iPhone. Start by launching the Instagram application and navigating to your story. Once there, perform a swipe-up gesture on your phone’s display screen. This action will reveal not only the total count of individuals who have viewed your story, but also display the specific usernames of those who have taken the time to watch it.

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If you’ve opted to share your Instagram story on Facebook as well, you have the ability to see which Facebook users have also viewed your story. To do this, simply continue scrolling down on the same screen where you see the Instagram views. You’ll find a separate section that lists the Facebook users who have viewed your story.

However, if your Instagram story has surpassed the 24-hour mark, the process to check who has viewed it changes slightly. In this case, you’ll need to go to your Instagram profile by tapping on your profile picture within the app. Once you’re on your profile, locate the three horizontal lines situated at the top-right corner of the screen and tap on them. From the menu that appears, select the ‘Archive’ option. This will take you to a comprehensive list of all your past stories. Scroll through this list until you find the specific story you’re interested in. Once you’ve located it, swipe up to the top of that story. Doing so will reveal a list of people who have viewed that particular story even after the initial 24-hour period has elapsed.

How to see who viewed your Instagram stories on Android Phones

If you’re using an Android phone and are curious to find out who has viewed your Instagram stories, the process is quite straightforward. First, open the Instagram application on your Android device. Once the app is open, navigate to your most recent story by tapping on your profile picture located at the top of your home feed.

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After accessing your story, execute a swipe-up gesture, moving your finger from the bottom of the screen all the way to the top. This action will reveal a detailed list, showcasing the Instagram usernames of individuals who have watched your story. You’ll be able to see exactly who has engaged with your content.

However, if you’re interested in finding out who has viewed one of your Instagram stories that has already passed the 24-hour availability window, the steps are a bit different. To begin, open the Instagram app on your Android device and tap on your profile picture, which is usually located at the bottom-right corner of the screen. This will take you to your personal profile page.

Once you’re on your profile page, look for the three horizontal lines icon situated at the top-right corner of the screen. Tap on this icon to open a menu, and from the options that appear, select ‘Archive.’ This will lead you to a repository containing all of your past Instagram stories.

Now, you can leisurely scroll through this archive until you locate the specific story you’re interested in investigating. Once you’ve found it, tap on it to open it in full-screen mode. From there, perform another swipe-up gesture, similar to the one you did for recent stories. This will display a list of Instagram users who have viewed that particular story, even after its initial 24-hour availability period. Additionally, you’ll be able to see the total number of views the story has garnered.

How to see who viewed your stories on Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite serves as a streamlined alternative to the standard Instagram application, offering a similar user experience across both iPhone and Android platforms, but with reduced data usage and faster loading times. Despite its “Lite” designation, the app retains many of the core functionalities found in the full-fledged versions for both iPhone and Android devices.

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If you’re interested in discovering who has viewed your most recent Instagram story while using Instagram Lite, the process is quite simple. First, launch the Instagram Lite application on your device. Once inside the app, navigate to your most recent story by tapping on your profile picture, usually displayed at the top of your home feed. After you’ve accessed the specific story you’re curious about, perform a swipe-up gesture on your screen. This will reveal a detailed list of Instagram usernames, indicating who has taken the time to view your story. Alongside this list, you’ll also see a numerical count that represents the total number of viewers for that particular story.

It’s worth noting that Instagram Lite allows you to track who has viewed your story for an extended period of up to 48 hours after its initial posting. This gives you ample time to gauge the level of engagement and interest your story has generated among your followers and other Instagram users.You can find out more details over at Instagram. We hope that you find this guide useful, if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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