Samsung A-40% Washing Machine unveiled at IFA 2023


Samsung A-40% Washing Machine unveiled at IFA 2023

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Samsung unveiled a new energy-saving washing machine at IFA 2023, the Samsung A-40% Washing Machine 3, they also unveiled the new EHS R290 Mono heat pump as well, this new washing machine uses 40 percent less energy than the A class standard for energy efficiency.

Samsung’s new washing machine range for next year will include models1 with up to 40% less energy consumption than needed to reach the A energy efficiency class limit.2 Their advanced technologies intelligently optimize the washing performance and reduce the energy use while providing 10kg loading capacity and Bespoke design. The A-40% Washing Machine will be available in European markets starting in the first quarter of 2024.

The washer will provide SmartThings connectivity that can reduce energy use through AI Energy Mode3 in SmartThings Energy. It lets users easily check daily, weekly and monthly power consumption and estimates monthly electricity bills. For courses that can operate in AI Energy Mode,4 the washer intelligently reduces the energy usage by up to 70%5 using Ecobubble™ to wash with cool water instead of warm and extra cycle time.

You can find out more details about the new Samsung A-40% Washing Machine unveiled at IFA 2023, it will go on sale in Europe in the first quarter of 2023, as yet there are no details on pricing.

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