Deals: CleanMyMac Lifetime License, save $29%


Deals: CleanMyMac Lifetime License, save $29%

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We’re excited to present an irresistible deal for our readers on the CleanMyMac One-Time Purchase Lifetime License, available in the Aboutworldnews Deals store this week. Offering a substantial savings of 29% off the standard retail price, this is a bargain you don’t want to miss.

The CleanMyMac One-Time Purchase Lifetime License can be secured from the Aboutworldnews Deals store at a mere $62.99. In addition to the incredible value, it provides a host of impressive features, which we will delve into below.

Welcome to your own personal Mac specialist – CleanMyMac X. This comprehensive tool is a blend of smart features and functionalities designed to rejuvenate your Mac, ensuring it runs with the smoothness and efficiency of a brand new device.

CleanMyMac X takes a thorough approach, eradicating undesirable apps and files from every nook and cranny of your macOS. Whether it’s outdated caches, defective downloads, log files, or irrelevant localizations, CleanMyMac X does not discriminate.

Powered by advanced Mac cleaning tools, CleanMyMac X slims down your system in seconds, preventing you from constantly dealing with lagging apps. However, its capabilities are not just restricted to cleaning. CleanMyMac X acts as your digital bodyguard against the myriad of cyber threats, including malware, adware, ransomware, and any other malicious digital intruders specific to macOS.

By executing its diverse cleaning and protection functions, CleanMyMac X can liberate up to five times more disk space, while significantly accelerating app launch times and boot times. Once you’ve run it, you’ll question how you ever managed without it.

But let’s break down some of the key features in more detail:

  • It cleans unneeded files, such as outdated caches, broken downloads, log files, and irrelevant localizations, leaving your Mac in optimal condition.
  • It removes heaps of clutter hidden within various applications, including iTunes, Mail, Photos. It can even uncover gigabytes of large hidden files.
  • With its built-in cyber threat deterrent, it actively combats malware, adware, ransomware, and other macOS-specific threats, providing a secure environment for your Mac.
  • It instantly eliminates browsing history and online and offline activity traces, safeguarding your privacy.
  • With a quick swipe, it removes unneeded applications and ensures all your software stays up-to-date with instant updates.
  • The one-time purchase license is not only economical but also enduring. It grants you lifetime access to the software, inclusive of all minor updates.
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This is undoubtedly a deal that offers great value for your Mac, and considering the comprehensive features and capabilities of CleanMyMac X, it’s a one-time investment that promises long-term returns.

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