How to use code using the Refact AI


How to use code using the Refact AI

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How to use code using the Refact AI

Thanks the explosion of artificial intelligence over the last few years new applications and models are being introduced on a weekly basis. One such organization, has recently made waves with the release of its own large language model, Refact a new AI coding assistant. This assistant is a powerful tool that combines code auto-completion, refactoring, and chat features, all within the comfort of your preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Refact AI is an open-source Copilot alternative, offering both self-hosted and cloud options. This flexibility allows developers to choose the option that best suits their needs and preferences. The self-hosted option provides an added layer of privacy, as all code remains on the user’s server, eliminating potential privacy concerns.

The AI coding assistant is designed to make programming more enjoyable and efficient, say the team that created Refact. Going beyond simple code completion and offering users a comprehensive AI toolbox that can analyze existing code, detect bugs, and identify productivity issues. This is achieved through the use of best-in-class open-source code models, which power the assistant’s auto-completion feature.

How to use Refact AI when coding

As developers write code, Refact suggests potential code completions based on the context of the code. It looks up and down the code, suggesting whole functions, classes, commonly used programming patterns, libraries, and API usage. This feature works with around 20 different programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, Java, Go, Rust, C++, and more. Refract is available to download for Visual  Studio and JetBrains.

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In addition to code completion, Refact can identify code that could be refactored to be more efficient or easier to understand. It can also detect bugs in the code and generate patches to fix them. This feature is particularly useful for developers looking to optimize their code and reduce the likelihood of errors.

Refact Code model

Refact also includes a unique AI chat feature. Developers can use plain language prompts in Refact chat to ask questions or get help with writing code without leaving their IDE. This feature can be used to work alongside the coder, providing assistance and guidance as needed. The Refact Code model, with its 1.6 billion parameters, has achieved a 32% score on human evaluation. This impressive score is a testament to the model’s ability to generate accurate and contextually relevant code suggestions.

Refact is currently in its technical preview phase and can be accessed via a cloud version or installed as a plugin in an IDE. It offers three pricing structures: Enterprise, Free, and Pro. The Pro plan, priced at $10 per month, offers access to GPT-4 and a code completion feature powered by the advanced Refact Generation 2 model.

Docker Support

For those who prefer a self-hosted option, Refact can be accessed through Docker by running it on a self-hosted server in Docker containers. This option provides an added layer of privacy and control, as all code remains on the user’s server.

Contextual chat

Refact is also working on a feature that will allow it to have a contextual chat on an entire code base. This feature, along with others such as auto-completion powered by open-source code models and GPT-5, a contextual chat on the current file, a refactoring feature, and the ability to fine-tune on the code base, make Refact a comprehensive and powerful tool for developers.

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Refact AI is a powerful, flexible, and efficient tool for developers. It offers a range of features designed to make coding more enjoyable and efficient, without compromising on privacy. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a beginner, Refact AI is a tool worth considering.

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