Glam Up Your Festive Look: Exploring Current Makeup Trends


Glam Up Your Festive Look: Exploring Current Makeup Trends

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Glam Up Your Festive Look: Exploring Current Makeup Trends

The best time of the year is around, bringing many celebrations and festivals. Who doesn’t want to put their best foot forward in those glittering lights? While you may face the makeup game, it is the time when essential makeup products cannot be sidelined. These set the foundation for your makeup to last long and give you a precious glow.

Many of us skip some of the basic makeup steps to avoid the tedious task, most of the time thinking about how much this particular product matters. For example, skipping a primer could cost you gliding makeup with no base to adhere to or a greasy look with no oil-control base. You certainly don’t want to take a chance, especially during festivities, celebrating whether with friends, family, or colleagues.

Let’s dive into the basics of makeup that would help the newbies start their makeup journey correctly, and for the experts, some strict no-nos for their makeup to put best!

Set a smooth base with a primer

Primer makeup is essential to set a flawless canvas for your makeup. Proedit Silk Touch Luminizing Primer smoothes skin texture by filling in the open pores and hiding uneven skin texture. A primer also sets the base for the makeup to adhere to and prevents the makeup from gliding off. Not only does it make the makeup last long, but it also acts as a second skin that acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup. This way, it protects the skin from any side effects of makeup products.

Even out skin tone with a foundation

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Once the base is set, you need a foundation that helps even the skin tone. Select a light makeup foundation cream so that it doesn’t feel heavy and your skin can breathe. Proedit Silk Touch Foundation comes in 10 shades so that you can choose the colour closest to your skin tone, which ideally should be a tone lighter than your natural skin colour.

Hide the imperfections with a concealer

What we think of this product is that it is a magic wand. For dark circles, blemishes, spots, pigmentation, or anything that uneven your skin tone, a concealer answers every problem. Dab a makeup concealer, Lotus Ecostay Insta Hide Crème Concealer – Peach Corrector, to the affected areas with the help of your fingertips or a sponge and then wait for around a minute for your skin to absorb it and let the product do its work!

Perfect it with a pressing powder

Finish the look with a compact powder and give the base a healthy shine. Pick a smooth textured powder that is gentle on your skin and glides easily to provide a full coverage to the face. We recommend Ecostay Ideal Finish Pressed Powder, which comes in various shades and gives the right glow to your face.

Hassle-free all-in-one product

If all these essential makeup products seem tiresome or you are always in a rush, Natural Blend Botanical Swift Makeup – Honey Beige is a quick replacement. Once you have primed your skin, use this all-in-one makeup product that quickly replaces foundation, concealer, and compact powder. For beginners, it is a straightforward application, and for the experts, they know how to use it the best!

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Bring the proper attention with defined eyebrows

Eyebrows are the one feature of your face that defines the whole structure of your face. Thick, bold, and natural eyebrows are the new trend at the time, and they look amazing with Indian attire. You only need to groom your brows and fill in the sparse areas with the brow pencil, Ecostay Perfect Brow Definer, in small hair-like strokes for a natural look. Select the colour that matches your brow hair and skin tone.

The party wear makeup – eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara

The smoky eyes never go out of fashion. This festive season you can go for the smoky eyes, Ecostay Velvet Eye Shadow – Moon Night, look to play safe, or level up the game with more experimental colours, Ecostay Velvet Eye Shadow – Forestry. What we see trending are shimmering eyes that sparkle as much as happiness in your eyes! Choose the most suitable palette or nude shimmering one, Ecostay Velvet Eye Shadow – Autumn Feel, for your festive look at work or home. Finish off with an eyeliner, Color Kick Insta-Shine Eye Liner – Intense Black, and a mascara, Maxlash Botanical Mascara – Black, application.

The all-time favourite lipsticks

Whether you wear a glamorous makeup look or a no-makeup makeup look, lipstick is one makeup product that comes in all colours to suit every occasion and look! Pick some Indian favourites of red, Proedit Silk Touch Gel Lip Color – Miss Rose, or pinks, Ecostay Butter Matte Lip Color – Rosetta, or go for nude shades like Proedit Lip Plumper + Gloss – Chasmere Silk, or Proedit Silk Touch Matte Lip Color – Nude Nature, to match your attire!

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Make the face shine with a blush or highlighter

Bring light to the high points of your face with a blush, Ecostay Long-Lasting Silky-Smooth Blush, or a highlighter, Ecostay High on Glow Highlighter, depending on your look. Apply it to your cheekbones, nose bridge, temples, chin, and forehead to highlight the high points of your face. This reflects light and brings attention to the features of your face. For a subtle look, use an illuminating powder, Lotus Ecostay Illuminating Stick Rose Gold, for your no-makeup look.

Lock it all with a makeup fixer

The last step for your party wear makeup is to apply a makeup fixer. Use a hydrating one, Finish-Up Dewy Makeup Fixer and Mist, to keep your makeup intact for long hours. It also reduces the chances of caking and gliding of makeup. The more you put your makeup on, the less the requirement for touch-ups. You can enjoy the most festivities with the least rounds to facilities for makeup touch-ups.

We hope you learned about essential makeup products by Lotus Herbals, which will keep you up with the latest makeup trends. The makeup products by Lotus Herbals come with the goodness of natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin and paraben and cruelty-free.

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