X Cool Things to 3D Print in 2022


X Cool Things to 3D Print in 2022

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X Cool Things to 3D Print in 2022

Are you looking to tap into your creative side and explore the world of 3D printing? Then you’re in luck! With advancements in technology, the possibilities of what you can create with a 3D printer are practically endless. 

From functional household items to artistic masterpieces, the sky’s the limit. 

In this article, we’ll highlight some of the coolest things you can 3D print in 2022. So, gear up and get ready to take your 3D printing to the next level!

Here are some very exciting objects you can 3D print in 2022.

1. Customized Phone Cases

3D printed customized phone cases. Image source: Printing It 3D

Customized phone cases are one of the coolest things you can 3D print in 2022. With the technology available today, you have the ability to turn your imagination into reality by creating one-of-a-kind phone cases that are tailored to your individual style and preferences.

3D printing allows you to customize every aspect of your phone case, from the material used to the design itself. Whether you want a case that’s transparent, glossy, matte, or even glittery, the possibilities are endless. You can also incorporate unique textures, patterns, and images into your design to make it truly your own.

One of the great benefits of 3D printing phone cases is that it allows for a level of precision that is simply not possible with traditional manufacturing methods. This means that you can create intricate and complex designs with ease, including custom logos, favorite quotes, or even 3D objects.

In terms of colors, 3D printing allows you to match the color of your case to your outfit, mood, or even your phone’s wallpaper. With the ability to print in full-color, your phone case can be as vibrant and eye-catching as you want it to be.

2. Surprising Musical Instruments

A man holding Guitar in his hand. Imahe source: Jamzone

Playing a musical instrument is as cool as it gets, playing an instrument you designed and printed yourself is beyond cool. Models and materials are cheaper than buying a traditionally made instrument. Modifications make the tool truly yours.

From guitars and violins to flutes and ocarinas, there are many great 3D models for anyone who has ever wanted to bring a little more music into their homes and learn new life skills while they’re at it.

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Musicians tend to have an affinity with their instrument of choice, and what better way to start that partnership than by putting your favorite tunes to 3D printed creations that you designed and made yourself?

There are plenty of useful 3D prints out there when it comes to finding your next musical obsession. From recorders to guitars (mini and acoustic) and even violins, there are many great 3D printing instruments to indulge in.

SelfCAD is a 3D modeling software that aims to be user-friendly and accessible to both beginners and experienced users. It offers a range of features for designing, modeling, sculpting, and 3D printing. Some notable features include parametric modeling, Boolean operations, support for importing and exporting various file formats, and a library of pre-designed objects

If you’re already set up or making music, you can still find accessory models like guitar picks, metronomes, and rhythm keepers like tambourines and maracas. You can also add sheet music holders and guitar stands to your list of future 3D printer creations to show off your cool new instrument.

Musical instruments of all kinds for all ages and levels are available all over the internet. With these 3D printing ideas, you can add your own touches and colors to make your new tool all your own.

Learning to play an instrument is a challenge, but without a doubt, it’s one of the coolest things you can make on a 3D printer today.

3. Three Digits Locker

A 3D printed Locker. Image source: All3DP

This safe uses a 3-digit combination to prevent someone from stealing your valuables. Of course, it’s not as safe as its steel cousin (you can melt or crush the plastic, right?), but it’s still a fun project.

Although the instructions are exemplary, DIY beginners may be a little overwhelmed by the assembly. However, anyone who has managed more complex projects should build this safe – it will teach you a lot about how a combination safe works.

4. Feed cat with cat feeder

A 3D printed cat feeder. Image source: MyMiniFactory

Our furry friends can be a bit greedy when it comes to food. This handy device spits out just the right amount of dry food at a pre-set time. There are 3 different worm gear designs to suit the size of food your cat prefers. The design is based on Arduino and even has a battery for backup power.

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5. Throne

This sustainable toilet is designed to compost solid waste as well as combat the sanitation crisis – design and technology well done! A solution that eliminates plastic waste and turns it into a building material that reduces the burden on landfills. 

The portable toilet is also absolutely beautiful with its white and fluted aesthetic! The first prototype created in a 3D printer has been produced by a state-of-the-art seven-axis robotic printer and is being tested at a construction site in the Swiss Alps. 

Designed by Spanish design studio Nagami and To: it’s called Throne and consists of three parts – a teardrop-shaped body, a dramatic, double-curved sliding door and a solid bin. 

All parts are printed in three days, including the base and injection mold or smaller accessories as ordered. It also includes a separate toilet seat outside the shelf to separate urine from solids for composting.

6. Storage Wall

This is a quick alternative to a common board. This 3D printable honeycomb design is designed to hold all the junk that accumulates on your desk or drawer. 

Computer keyboards, SD cards, USB sticks, hard drives and cables can be stored safely. There are also 3D printing ready hooks and small storage units. There are also many interesting remixes that expand the system and new storage ideas.

7. Telescope

Once fully built, this project will give you a good look at your 3D printer. According to the manufacturer Muff, the Hadley telescope “enables a complete spectacular view of the moon and its craters, oceans, and rims. 

Rich planetary details – the rings of Saturn; storms on Jupiter, dust clouds and canyons on Mars. Depending on how dark the sky is, some deep sky objects the most spectacular are protoplanetary galaxies, multiple galaxies, and rich star clusters.”

Although the telescope looks complicated, building it is not rocket science and everything is well documented. Don’t forget, depending on the quality of the eyepiece, you’ll need parts somewhere in the $100-$150 region.

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8. A Squishy mouse

The debate looks at ergonomics from a broader perspective, considering other products such as ergonomic chairs and ergonomic shoes, which is what mice do. Ergonomic chairs or shoes are not only comfortable, but also soft and breathable. 

Defying the notion that curved hard surfaces are what an ergonomic mouse really needs, Squishy Mouse sports a soft, curved mesh grid reminiscent of the 3D printed shoes seen in Adidas’ AlphaEdge and Futurecraft 3D shoes. 

Its purpose is not only to conform to the shape of a person’s hand, but actually to provide comfort and breathability. With the same soft feel of a stress ball, the Squishy Mouse allows you to hold it firmly during use and ensures that the surface will never sweat your hands even after hours of use.

9. The puddy

Puddy is a great interactive experience with Pixar’s own Luxo Jr. Featuring a minimalist design and a fun design that reminds you, Puddy, who looks like a little man in a suit and hat, is a great addition to any occasion. The small light is designed to be completely wireless and can be taken with you anywhere with good parking. 

A little bright head (no pun intended) comes with an adjustable head that allows you to point it up (I did the lamp again), while the lamp shade helps direct the light to an angle. For brighter lighting, lift the Puddy up and look down on the Puddy so the flashlight turns off the light directly for ambient lighting. 

While Puddin’s aesthetic is a combination of traditional and modern, so is his production. The light is emitted from PLA and recycled wood particles in a 6:4 aspect ratio.

10. A tally Counter

Sometimes you just want to keep track of things. Whether you want to count people, things, cars or cats, this handy tool lets you tap with your thumb without thinking about the actual number. It counts up to 99 and you can reduce the number as well.

Mechanical drawing calculators are not too complicated to print and build, and make a great weekend project.

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