What Cars Do World Leaders Choose to Drive?


What Cars Do World Leaders Choose to Drive?

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Heads of state hold some of the most powerful positions, making significant decisions that affect the lives of millions. Have you ever wondered what kind of cars these influential leaders prefer? From armored limousines to eco-friendly hybrids, the choices are as diverse as the leaders themselves. Just like many of us, I bet that they began with very affordable cars before assuming their roles as heads of state. By the way, If you’re also looking for inexpensive car like me, check out this extensive list of cars under 15K USD compiled by auto professionals. Next, let’s take a trip into the world leaders’ garages.

The Beast: The US President’s limo

Regarding the President of the United States, security is paramount. The presidential limousine known as “The Beast” symbolizes protection and power. This closely armored automobile is like a tank on wheels, prepared with thick bulletproof windows and present day safety functions. Beneath the body of the Cadillac is a secure, hermetically sealed environment, fitted with a self-contained oxygen supply and capable of resist chemical assaults. This impressive vehicle ensures the safety of the President in any situation.

A former President of Uruguay: VW Beetle

Jose Alberto Mujica Cordano, often called ‘the world’s poorest president,’ is better described as a humble man. He’s renowned for his candid remarks and accomplishments, like implementing liberal reforms, achieving economic stability, and significantly reducing unemployment in Uruguay. The people widely supported his presidency. His modest way of life set him apart, unusual for a head of state. Jose Alberto donated 90% of his salary to charity and lived on a small farm on the city’s outskirts. He commuted to work in an old Volkswagen Beetle, a tradition he began on his first day as President in 2010. Once, an Arab sheik offered him $1 million for the Beetle, but the frugal President declined the offer.

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French President: DS 7 Crossback

DS 7 Crossback - My Citroën DS Diecast Model Collection Site

French President Emmanuel Macron chose the DS 7 Crossback luxury SUV. The DS 7 is not only elegant, but also showcases French automotive design and innovation. As a plug-in hybrid, it aligns with Macron’s commitment to fighting climate change and reducing carbon emissions.

Canadian Prime Minister: Tesla Model S

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has embraced electric cars by the usage of the Tesla Model S as his reliable vehicle. The Model S is famous for amazing overall performance and 0-emission powertrain. Trudeau’s choice demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability and modern technology.


The Vatican’s leader has a unique car collection. It features a Dacia Duster with a particular glass structure and a 1984 Renault 4, which he uses within the Vatican. At one point, there was also a Lamborghini Huracan, but the Pope declined it to show solidarity with the people, and it was later sold at auction for $715,000. In 2020, Pope Francis received a hydrogen sedan, the Toyota Mirai.

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