How to Choose the Right Type of Flooring for Your Home


How to Choose the Right Type of Flooring for Your Home

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As this question does not commonly arise in daily life, when it does it becomes paramount to gain as much information on this topic as possible. Not only would that enable you to select flooring for each room in the house more effectively and explain their reasoning, it would also show exactly why knowing your floor type matters so much in regards to future comfort and design possibilities as well. Whether building new home from scratch or drastically renovating an older one it’s essential that you understand how and what specific details should be considered when purchasing or replacing flooring for individual rooms in a house! You may find a wide variety of propositions of different types of floors on the market, but remember that the quality of your floor also depends on the quality of the construction company that provides flooring services, and the specialists from Tampa Bay Floors would not only help you with the process of how to pick flooring for your home, but make sure that they would be installed with a great level of professionalism and would serve you well for a long time.

Hardwood Floors

Floors that use wood as the main material are fairly popular on the market nowadays, and it’s well deserved due to its physical properties with great durability. This means that it would serve you well for a long period of time, and even more with the option of refinishing the surface to remove all possible scratches and mechanical damage that may be optically visible. And it is a good thing that it may be a finishing touch for a big number of possible interior designs ideas and schemes – they are available in multiple styles as well:

  • Polished hardwood floors are always a good option for a classic design.
  • Rustic farmhouse design floors with raw texture may be the base for the whole interior design of the room.
  • Contemporary hardwood floors are a popular option if you are looking for a modern design.
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The only downside of this kind of floor would be its cost and upkeep prices, because you would need to take good care of hardwood floors in order to assure its longevity and reliability.

Composite Wood Floors

This type of flooring consists of the main part of heat-formed wood that is covered by the additional layer that is responsible for the looks and design of the flooring. This provides the opportunity to put a stable base for the floor and forget about any troubles with temperature and humidity changes that may appear over time. One more positive thing about this type of floor is it is easier to install. This may be the great option for people who are wondering how to pick out flooring that would have the aesthetics of the hardwood floor and would be more affordable. With the help of additional coating on the top layer you may improve the durability of the floor and change its design if you need.

Real Stone Floors

Real Stone Floors

If you are looking for a more elegant but nonetheless practical option for your floors – real stone floors might be the right choice for you. With a set of different stones to choose from:

  • Slate.
  • Limestone
  • Marble.
  • Terracotta.

Each of them has unique looks and structure that may improve your design. But it requires special care and needs to be laid properly. This type of floor needs a steady base that would prevent all possible movements and vibrations that may affect the stone floors and lead to appearance of the cracks and further distraction of the floor’s integrity.

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Affordable and durable option

With tile floors you would be able to create special designs for each and every room, and with its duality and resistance to moisture and most types of mechanical damage it became comparatively popular option for people who do not want to have additional troubles with their flooring. 

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