8 Tips For A Luxurious Bathroom Remodel


8 Tips For A Luxurious Bathroom Remodel

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Remodeling your bathroom isn’t just about improving its functionality; it’s also about transforming it into an aesthetic space. The journey to recreating this essential space includes making sophisticated design choices, adding opulent fixtures, and adding more space to your humble bathroom.

Around 70% of interior designers believe that more homeowners are willing to remodel their bathrooms today. That’s because a luxurious bathroom can increase your house’s overall value significantly. If you’re living in St. Petersburg, Florida, you’ll be glad to learn that house prices are already up by almost 11% as compared to last year. How about giving them another push via luxurious bathroom renovations?

Bathroom Remodeling Tips For 2024

This article will explore some ideas for upscale bathroom renovations.

1.     Find Bathroom Remodeling Experts

Find the best remodeling contractor to transform your bathroom into a luxurious space. You have to search online, look for local bathroom renovators, and find the most suitable contractor for the job.

It’s not difficult to find a skilled remodeler in St. Petersburg these days, as many homeowners are embarking on bathroom refurbishing projects and hiring capable contractors. These projects range from upgrading plumbing fixtures to installing rainfall showerheads for a spa-like experience, even in a tiny bathroom.

So, search for St. Petersburg bathroom remodelers near me and get in touch with industry experts. Contact at least three remodeling contractors and go through their portfolios.

2.     Increase The Bathroom’s Square Footage

Focus on increasing the size and area of your humble bathroom. Make sure you have ample space to breathe whenever you enter your bathroom. A bigger bathroom is naturally available for more luxurious features and amenities. So, you should look for creative ways to make the bathroom appear bigger. For instance, try these simple tricks:

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●   A glass shower enclosure can open up the visual expanse

●   Install floating vanity spaces so you can have more space left on the bathroom floor

●   Use life-sized mirrors placed strategically in different corners to create an illusion of spaciousness

3.     Add More Storage Spaces To The Bathroom

Luxury comes in many shapes and forms; for some, it’s adding a jacuzzi to your bathroom, while for others, it’s enough storage space for the whole family.

So, remodel your bathroom to incorporate creative storage solutions. It’ll make sure you spend less time finding your toiletries every morning and more time enjoying a warm bath when needed.

For instance, you can ask bathroom remodelers to install custom-built cabinets, go for a chic open-shelving system, and choose stylish vanity units.

4.     Elevate The Bathroom Lighting To New Heights

Great lighting is necessary for a luxurious bathroom experience. You can choose many options to illuminate your modest bathroom space. Even some subtle changes can instantly elevate a humble space’s mood and ambiance. For instance, consider these chic and elegant ways to light up a dark and boring-looking bathroom:

●   Incorporate sleek LED fixtures into your bathroom

●   Put up a chandelier that matches your bathroom’s aesthetics

●   Upgrade vanity lights and make sure they don’t give off a yellow tone

5.     Include New Luxury Switches And Fixtures

Even small changes can bring a lot of luxury to your bathroom. These minor upgrades transform a tiny bathroom into a more functional space. Here are some simple remodeling ideas you should try:

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Adding a dimmer switch

Create a soothing and spa-like ambiance in your space by adding a dimmer. Dimmable mood lighting can enhance your bathroom’s relaxation factor and is amazing for hot showers.

Go with brass fixtures

Instead of metallic bathroom fixtures, upgrade to chrome or brushed nickel finishes. Copper or brass hardware will significantly increase your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.

6.     Consider Installing Some Luxury Components

Data shows that a high-end luxury bathroom remodel promises a 60% ROI after reselling the house. So, how about we go through some luxury features you may add to your bathroom? Here are some components that make your simple bathroom a haven of comfort and relaxation:

●   Add a place to sit, giving your bathroom a royale façade

●   A freestanding bathtub offers a much cleaner experience

●   Nothing looks fancier than marble going from the floor to the ceiling

7.     Add A Little Touch Of Art To Your Bathroom

Bare walls serve no purpose and seem bizarre to look at, especially in a modern bathroom. You can make this essential space more fascinating by adding a little touch of art and freshness. Don’t need to spend a lot of money buying expensive art pieces. Instead, you can:

Hang some art pieces

Buy locally produced and handcrafted art pieces to hang in your bathroom. Ask your kids to do some fingerpainting projects for fun, and then you can decorate your bathroom with these cute little images.

Place a fresh flower in

Adding fresh, green plants to your bathroom serves two purposes, i.e., it makes the place much healthier as plants absorb moisture and inhibit the growth of mold/mildew. On the other hand, adding green plants like ferns and orchids will create a luxe, fresh feeling in the bathroom.

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8.     A Smart Bathroom Can Make Things Much Easier

Add a whiplash of tech to your bathroom as well because modernization is the new trend in the home reno industry. A luxurious, fashionable bathroom is a smart bathroom, incorporating the latest tech tools that turn even a humble space into a futuristic retreat. That’s why a survey shows that nearly one-third of homeowners have upgraded their bathroom technologies after the pandemic.

Some bathroom tech trends, popular in the UK and US alike, include the following:

●   Self-cleaning toilets

●   Smart showers and mirrors

●   Placing sanitizing accessories

●   Voice-activated bathroom lighting

●   Japanese-style water conservation systems


In short, making your bathroom more luxurious or glamorous doesn’t necessarily require investing in expensive renovations. You just have to make the place more spacious, brighter, and storage-friendly. Update bathroom fixtures, add dimmer switches, and give this essential space a little touch of elegance with greenery.

Most importantly, however, hire a bathroom remodeler for your remodeling plans.

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