Google Android update adds 11 new features


Google Android update adds 11 new features

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Google has announced that it is bringing 11 new features to Android in its latest update, the features will be available on Android Phones and tablets, Google TV devices, and WearOS smartwatches.

The new features include new Emoji sticker combinations, Voice Moods in Google Messages, Reactions in Google Messages, 10 new TV channels in Google TV, the ability to control more smart home devices with your smartwatch and you can also set Home and Away from your smartwatch with your Smart Home.

You will also be able to access Assistant Routines from your smartwatch, it will also be easier to log into your device with your security key and you can set a custom PIN on your FIDO2 security keys.

The latest Google Android update also lets you manage your day with the AI assistant and hear AIU image descriptions, plus you will be able to take calls and access media through live captions.

Android is helping you personalize your devices to be more expressive, helpful, secure and accessible. You can now check out 11 new features and updates across your Android phones and tablets, Wear OS smartwatches and Google TV devices — including brand-new ways to use Google Messages, too. Here’s what’s new on Android.

You can find out more information about all of the new features in the latest Android update over at Gogole’s website at the link below, some features will be coming in the new feature and many are available now.

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