ZOOM VISS vulnerability impact scoring system announced


ZOOM VISS vulnerability impact scoring system announced

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The digital landscape, ever expanding and evolving, has given rise to an increasing number of security vulnerabilities. To address this issue, a new open-source project called the Vulnerability Impact Scoring System (VISS) has been introduced. VISS is designed to enhance security measures by providing a unique assessment tool that measures the impact of vulnerabilities from a defender’s perspective. This innovative approach focuses on the actual impact of potential threats, rather than on their theoretical existence.

Since March 2023, Zoom, a leading video conferencing platform, has been utilizing VISS to assess reward disbursements within its Bug Bounty Program. This program encourages security researchers and product users to uncover and disclose security vulnerabilities, providing them with legal protection. The incorporation of VISS into this program has been instrumental in helping Zoom prioritize vulnerabilities that are most likely to impact them, thus allowing for more efficient use of resources.

The Vulnerability Impact Scoring System analyzes vulnerabilities based on 13 impact aspects. These aspects are categorized into three groups: platform, infrastructure, and data. The resulting score, ranging from 0 to 100, reflects the severity of the impact within a specific environment. This scoring system provides an objective measure of the potential damage a vulnerability could inflict, enabling organizations to prioritize their response efforts accordingly.

ZOOM VISS vulnerability impact scoring

VISS was put to the test during the HackerOne H1-4420 live-hacking event in London in 2023. The event demonstrated the effectiveness of VISS in improving resource allocation and focusing on addressing Critical and High severity vulnerabilities. The implementation of VISS led to a shift in vulnerability report submissions towards these higher severity categories, with a significant reduction observed in medium severity submissions.

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This shift towards targeting higher severity vulnerabilities is a testament to the efficacy of VISS. By providing a clear, objective measure of the potential impact of a vulnerability, VISS enables organizations to focus their resources where they are most needed. This, in turn, leads to a more robust and secure digital environment.

VISS is not just a tool for individual organizations, but a global mission to enhance security measures. By providing a comprehensive and objective measure of vulnerability impact, VISS aims to enhance the capabilities of incident response and security teams across the globe. The open-source nature of the project invites contributions to its development, fostering a collaborative approach to improving digital security.

The development and implementation of the Vulnerability Impact Scoring System is a significant stride forward in the realm of digital security. By focusing on the actual impact of vulnerabilities, VISS offers a more realistic and effective approach to managing digital threats. The system’s successful use in Zoom’s Bug Bounty Program and the HackerOne H1-4420 live-hacking event highlights its potential to transform the way organizations respond to security vulnerabilities.

The VISS project is open for exploration and contribution under the GPL 3.0 license at This open-source project is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the digital community, inviting all to contribute to the ongoing development and enhancement of this innovative security tool. With the continued development and implementation of VISS, the future of digital security looks promising.

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