Skinny Pizza Slices – Kalou And Cook


Skinny Pizza Slices – Kalou And Cook

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Skinny Pizza Slices – Kalou And Cook

Skinny pizza slices have become increasingly popular over the years. With a thin, crispy crust and deliciously creative toppings, skinny slices offer some great benefits. Here at Puzzle Pizza, we have perfected the art of baking skinny pizza slices that maximize value and deliver on taste. Keep reading to learn all about our mouthwatering skinny slice pizzas.

Benefits of Skinny Pizza Slices

One major advantage of skinny pizza slices is you simply get more slices per pizza. By cutting thinner slices, each pizza can be divided into more portions. This gives you more bang for your buck and allows groups to share pizzas without anyone feeling short-changed on slices.

In addition to added value, skinny pizza slices are just easier to eat. Their slender shape and crispy texture make skinny slices perfect for folding and dipping into sauce or eating by hand. You don’t have to wrestle with a huge mouthful of thick, doughy crust. Skinny slices also appeal to health-conscious customers who want a lighter pizza option without too much dough or carbs.

Skinny Slice Pizza Options from Puzzle Pizza

Here at Puzzle Pizza, we offer a rotating selection of creative skinny slice pizzas. Some current popular options include our Dynamite Veggie skinny slice with spinach, red onions, peppers, and mushrooms on a light basil sauce. There’s also our savory Italian Meats skinny slice piled high with pepperoni, sausage, prosciutto and salami. Customers love our Greek Goddess skinny slice with feta, olives, artichoke hearts and roasted garlic. With so many amazing ingredients to choose from, the skinny slice options at Puzzle Pizza are endless!

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Baking Skinny Pizza Slices

Crafting the perfect skinny pizza slice with a super thin crust that’s crispy not burnt is an art. At Puzzle Pizza, our experienced pizza chefs have fine-tuned the techniques for baking flawless skinny slices every time. We stretch the dough extra thin and bake at higher temperatures for a shorter time. This gives the crust a cracker-like crunch without drying it out. Our chefs know just when to rotate the pies during baking for even crispness. With closely guarded secrets for dough mixing and proofing, Puzzle Pizza has skinny slice baking down to a science.

Eating and Sharing Skinny Pizza Slices

One of the best parts about skinny pizza slices is enjoying them with friends and family. Skinny slices are the ultimate shareable food. Pass a few platters of Puzzle Pizza’s skinny slices and let guests sample different toppings and flavors. The smaller slices make it easy to try more varieties in one sitting. Or order a pie of a single skinny slice flavor to share conversation over. Fold your slice in half New York style or cut pieces with a knife and fork for a neater approach. However you choose to eat them, Puzzle Pizza’s skinny slices invite a spirit of togetherness.


With more slices per pizza, easier eating, and fun flavors to share, skinny pizza slices have a lot going for them. Here at Puzzle Pizza, our specialty is crafting skinny slice pizzas that look, taste and feel perfect. We invite you to stop in and experience our incredible skinny slices for yourself. Choose from our ever-changing selection of inventive artisan skinny slice pizzas baked to crispy perfection. We can’t wait for you to taste for yourself why Puzzle Pizza is putting the skinny slice pizza scene on the map!

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