Samsung’s latest 2024 TV lineup incorporates AI via built-in NPU


Samsung’s latest 2024 TV lineup incorporates AI via built-in NPU

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Samsung has just unveiled its next generation of TVs, which will be available in multiple sizes and resolutions at the Unbox & Discover event in Seoul, South Korea. The new display range showcases the latest Neo QLED 8K and 4K, OLED TVs and soundbars.

“We’re pushing the boundaries of home entertainment by integrating AI in ways that go beyond traditional viewing experiences. Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “This year’s lineup is a testament to our commitment to innovation, offering products that not only provide exceptional viewing experiences but also contribute meaningfully to our consumers’ lifestyles,” said SW Yong, President and Head of the Visual.

Samsung New QLED 8K TV retains flagship status for the TV lineup

Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900D

The Samsung Neo QLED 8K is the flagship of the company’s latest TV lineup, and this year it features the NQ8 AI Gen3 processor, which features a Neural Processing Unit (NPU). The processor is twice as fast as the predecessor, with an eightfold increase in neural networks from 64 to 512. This increase helps with AI upscaling and motion enhancement.

The 8K AI Upscaling Pro function in the Neo QLED 8K model upscales content fed into the TV to fit the resolution and size of the screen. AI Motion Enhancer Pro meanwhile smoothens motion for a clearer image overall – Samsung said it is “a dream for sports fans.”

Audio also sees enhancements via the Active Voice Amplifier Pro, Object Tracking Sound Pro and Adaptive Sound Pro. The first helps to extract dialogue from the background noise, the second feature meanwhile creates a more dynamic viewing experience by syncing the sound with the on-screen action, and the last feature intelligently adjusts the audio levels to the content and room acoustics.

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The new AI processor inside the New QLED 8K

Gaming is not forgotten, as the Neo QLED 8K comes with AI Auto Game Mode that optimises the visuals and audio of a game for a better experience on screen. To save power, AI Energy Mode intelligently adjusts the power consumption of the TV without affecting the viewing experience.

The Neo QLED 8K comes in two models – the QN900D and QN800D, and in sizes of 65, 75, and 85 inches.

Samsung also introduces Neo QLED 4K and glare-free OLED TVs

For those looking for a different viewing experience, the Samsung Neo QLED 4K series brings cutting-edge innovation to everyone. Powered by the NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor, the Neo QLED 4K delivers an AI-enhanced viewing experience at 4K resolution, like the 8K model. The Neo QLED 4K is also the world’s first Pantone Validated display that delivers better colour accuracy.

The TV will be available in sizes ranging from 55 to 98 inches, catering to diverse viewing environments.

For those looking to experience OLED at home, Samsung is also introducing its first Glare-Free OLED, eliminating unnecessary reflection while preserving deep blacks and clear images under any lighting condition. Also featuring the NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor, the OLED TVs have features like the Real Depth Enhancer and OLED HDR Pro to bring the picture quality to new heights while Motion Xcelerator 144Hz smooths out the motions. This feature makes it a perfect pair for any gaming console in the living space.

It will be available in three models — S95D, S90D, and S85D — ranging from 42 to 83 inches in size.

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Samsung expands its audio repertoire with the new Q-series soundbar and Music Frame speaker

Samsung Q990D

The 2024 lineup also features the latest Q-Series Soundbar, Q990D, which boasts an 11.1.4-channel setup with Wireless Dolby Atmos. Stand-out features of the soundbar are Sound Grouping for pulsating, room-filling sound and an option for personal listening that allows users to enjoy their content through rear speakers without disturbing others.

Samsung Music Frame (right) speaker

New this year is the Music Frame speaker. Inspired by the Frame TV, the Music Frame allows users to display personal pictures or artwork while enjoying wireless audio with smart features. It can be paired with a TV and soundbar for an enhanced audio experience in the room.

Samsung is teasing an announcement happening on 3 April 2024, which we assume will be global and Malaysian availability announcement for the 2024 product lineup.

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