Shake Shack Malaysia: TRX menu revealed, burger price starts at RM19


Shake Shack Malaysia: TRX menu revealed, burger price starts at RM19

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Shake Shack Malaysia: TRX menu revealed, burger price starts at RM19

More than two years after the burger joint announced its expansion into the Malaysian market, Shake Shack’s first outlet in Malaysia will finally open its doors on 10 April. Located at The Exchange TRX in Kuala Lumpur, Shake Shack Malaysia has also revealed the full menu through its official website.

ShackBurger is priced at RM23 in Malaysia

Let’s start with the restaurant’s signature offering: the ShackBurger. While it may seem like a straight-forward cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato, the burger is highly regarded for having a rather tasty beef patty which is accompanied by the proprietary ShackSauce and potato buns.

Price-wise, the ShackBurger will be available in Malaysia for RM23.00. However, it is unclear whether TRX’s outlet will also offer the Double ShackBurger option since this double-patty option is not listed on ShackShack Malaysia’s website.

Shake Shack crafts a Malaysia-exclusive shake and TRX-themed dessert

Shake Shack is also known to come out with localised menu items. In Malaysia, one of them is called the Bunga Raya Shake which costs RM23.

According to the website, here’s what the Malaysia-exclusive shake is made of:

Hibiscus jelly topped with vanilla frozen custard blended with dragon fruit and Gula Melaka (palm sugar), topped with whipped cream, coconut crumble and drizzled with Gula Melaka.

On the other hand, there is also the TRXopical Park which is inspired by the outlet’s location. Priced at RM15.00, the description on Shake Shack Malaysia’s website said that it is a “vanilla frozen custard blended with Rompine pineapple, dragon fruit, shortbread cookie, topped with plum powder,”.

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Other options in the Shake Shack Malaysia’s menu

Shake Shack The Exchange TRX

Aside from the ShackBurger, there are several other beef and chicken burgers on its menu. While the joint is not known for its hotdog, you can still have it at the new TRX outlet:

  • Beef Burger: RM19.00
  • Chicken Shack:  RM22.00
  • Hot Chicken: RM25.00
  • ‘Shroom Burger (Veggie): RM27.00
  • SmokeShack: RM28.00
  • Shack Stack: RM37.00
  • Beef Sausage: RM15.00
  • Cheese Beef Sausage: RM19.00
  • Smoke Beef Sausage: RM23.00

If you like to have your burgers with fries, you can buy the crinkle cuts at Shake Shake TRX for RM10.70. There is also the Cheese Fries option but at a hefty price tag of RM16.50.

As per its namesake, Shake Shack is also well-known for its shakes. Over at the TRX outlet, the price of Classic Shakes starts from RM18.50 and can be obtained in small as well as regular sizes.

Not a fan of shakes? Here is the list of other beverages that are available at the outlet:

  • Organic Brewed Iced Tea: RM6.40
  • Fifty / Fifty (half-lemonade, half iced tea) / Fresh Lemonade: RM7.00
  • Strawberry Lemonade:  RM7.50
  • Raspberry / Passion Fruit Sparkling Lemonade: RM10.40
  • Apple Juice: RM13.00

Yes, Shake Shack TRX still has the usual soda drinks on its menu which costs RM5.90 and you can have them as a float too for RM13.00. Last but not least, you can have the Shack Attack or Hey Macadamia! as dessert for RM15.00 or opt for the stand-alone Shack-made frozen custard for RM9.90 per cup.

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