GoCharge EV chargers in Subang Parade, Central Square Sg Petani finally online


GoCharge EV chargers in Subang Parade, Central Square Sg Petani finally online

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More than four months after we discovered their existence, the GoCharge AC chargers at Subang Parade are finally open for business. Similarly, their counterparts at Central Square Sungai Petani in Kedah are now operational as well.

GoCharge charging fees are identical to Shell Recharge chargers

Despite months of delay, it is interesting to see that the charging fees for GoCharge AC chargers are still the same as our report back in January. Then again, they are running on the ParkEasy platform which explains why the pricing is similar to Shell Recharge AC chargers and the existence of the automated parking barriers on each GoCharge charging bay.

Hence, it currently costs RM1.00 (1.00 credits) per kWh to utilise the chargers at Subang Parade and Central Square. There is also an idle fee of RM1.00 for every 30 minutes you remain at the charging bay even though your EV has finished charging.

GoCharge Malaysia May 2024

Not to forget, there is also the RM5.00 (5.00 credits) confirmation fee. It is a well-known trait of ParkEasy which is a subsidiary of Shell Malaysia.

Who is GoCharge?

GoCharge Subang Parade - May 2024

There is not much information about GMA Resources, the company behind GoCharge. It has been in the energy business for more than three decades but just like before, the domain name of the customer service e-mail address listed on the chargers still led us to a non-functioning website.

Nevertheless, we suppose that it has presented a proposal that is good enough to convince Hektar REIT to sign a partnership with the company. The deal covers all six shopping malls that are owned by Hektar REIT which include Mahkota Parade Melaka, Wetex Parade Muar, Kulim Central, and Segamat Central together with the two malls we mentioned earlier.

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GoCharge Subang Parade - May 2024

While it is unclear if the deployment of GoCharge chargers has anything to do with it or is just a mere coincidence, ChargEV chargers previously served some of these malls. They have since been removed from these locations.

With each of them have been equipped with a 22kW AC charger, here’s the amount of charging bays that are available at each GoCharge locations:

  • Central Square Sungai Petani, Kedah – 2 bays
  • Kulim Central, Kedah – 2 bays
  • Mahkota Parade, Melaka – 3 bays
  • Segamat Central Mall, Johor – 1 bay
  • Subang Parade, Selangor – 3 bays
  • Wetex Parade Muar, Johor – 2 bays

Other locations are still waiting for approvals from the Energy Commission

GoCharge Malaysia May 2024

Speaking about the GoCharge chargers at the four other Hektar REIT malls, they are still not yet open to the public. According to the ParkEasy app, all four locations are still waiting for the greenlight from the Energy Commission (ST).

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