Touch ‘n Go releases Limited Edition Luxe card in Green


Touch ‘n Go releases Limited Edition Luxe card in Green

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If you’re looking for a new Limited Edition Touch ‘n Go card to add to your collection, the Luxe series is back. Previously offered in a sleek black finish, the newest Luxe card comes in dark green.

TNG Luxe in Green

These are limited edition Enhanced Touch ‘n Go cards with NFC functionality. The card allows you to reload the card easily via Touch ‘n Go ewallet using an NFC-enabled smartphone.

Limited Edition TNG Card Luxe card

If you’re interested, you can order online via the official Touch ‘n Go store on Lazada. The Limited Edition card costs RM25. As a comparison, the standard version costs RM10.

At the time of writing, stocks are still available. You have to act fast as these limited edition cards typically run out of stock very quickly.

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