U Mobile says it is ready to build Malaysia’s second 5G network


U Mobile says it is ready to build Malaysia’s second 5G network

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U Mobile has announced that it is set on completing the share subscription agreement (SSA) process with Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) which will enable the transition towards a dual 5G network model. According to the telco, the announcement underlines its commitment to play a critical role in developing Malaysia’s digital economy and to support the government’s 5G ambition.

U Mobile also says it is well-positioned to roll out the second 5G network, if needed, solely, to help the government realise its ambition of having two 5G networks to drive competition and ensure the sustainability of the telecommunications ecosystem in Malaysia.

The orange telco says they have constantly challenged the status quo and provided value to Malaysians through its innovative products and services at accessible pricing. It added that this innovation mindset extends to the telco’s network expansion approach and they have a demonstrated track record of rapid and aggressive 4G rollout, accelerated by continuous investment and futureproofed with the most modern infrastructure. The telco has crossed its 9 million subscribers mark in 2023.

U Mobile CEO Wong Heang Tuck said, “In our quest to become Malaysia’s favourite digital services partner, U Mobile has a proven track record of leading the industry on the value and innovations front. As we progress to our next phase of growth, we are committed to sign the SHA with DNB upon the completion of the SSA process and are well-equipped and ready to roll out the second 5G network.”

He added, “We believe we are in an optimal position to roll out the second 5G network, as apart from our expertise and experience, we are also accustomed to leveraging the latest technology to drive 5G adoption and to showcase the economic benefits that the technology will bring to consumer, business, and public sectors. Apart from that, we will also explore use cases to demonstrate the benefits of 5.5G as part of our efforts to support the country’s digital roadmap.”

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Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil has reiterated that Malaysia is ready to implement a dual 5G network model which was a 5G policy that was announced a year ago. The decision to switch from a Single Wholesale Network model towards a dual network model is seen as a move to dismantle DNB’s monopoly for 5G infrastructure and to open up opportunities for other players to roll out the 5G network using their existing infrastructure.

Besides requiring DNB to achieve 80% 5G population coverage, the transition also requires the full participation of telcos in DNB. 5 telcos namely CelcomDigi, Maxis, U Mobile, TM and YTL Communications have signed an SSA back in December 2023 to acquire a collective 70% stake in the state-owned 5G network. Each telco was required to inject an investment of RM233 million each into DNB.

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