Smart #3 EV lands in Malaysia with a starting price of RM175k


Smart #3 EV lands in Malaysia with a starting price of RM175k

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Two months after it was previewed at Malaysia Autoshow, the Smart #3 is now officially launched in Malaysia. During today’s launch event, Pro-Net has also finally revealed the official price tag for the new electric crossover SUV.

Smart #3 Malaysia price, colourways, warranty

In our market, Smart #3 can be obtained in three different variants. This is how they cost in Malaysia:

Smart #3 Brabus: RM255,000

Smart #3 Premium: RM215,000

Smart #3 Pro: RM175,000  

With that, the Smart #3 is priced at RM6,000 higher than the Smart #1. The new EV can be obtained in several colourways including Meta Black, Digital White, Future Green, Cyber Silver, Quantum Blue, Digital White, Atom Grey Matte, Electron Blue Matte, Ceramic Cream, and Photon Orange.

The Digital White option can also be obtained with a black roof while there is also a red roof option for Atom Grey Matte and Meta Black. However, do note that certain colours are limited to selected variants.

As part of its launch promo which will last until 31 July, Pro-Net is also giving several complimentary items including a 22kW smartCharge Home Charger, Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) adapter, a 6-item accessories package, and 60GB of in-vehicle Internet data.

Smart #3 Launch Malaysia

Each Smart #3 is covered by a 4-year, unlimited warranty for the vehicle alone while there is a separate 8-year / 200,000km warranty for the Smart #3’s high-voltage battery. Its high-voltage components are also covered by an 8-year / 150,000km warranty and there is also a 2-year, unlimited warranty for spare parts.

Each Smart #3 owners also have access to dedicated 24/7 roadside service assistance.

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Smart #3 Malaysia quick specs

Smart #1 Brabus.

In general, the Smart #3 shares the same motor and battery configuration as the Smart #1. That being said, the #3 is quicker and offers slightly more range due to its more aerodynamic shape and lower drag coefficient of 0.27cd.

The Brabus variant comes with a dual-motor AWD setup which offers 315kW (422hp) and 543Nm of torque, and it can do 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds. It gets a 66kWh battery which offers a WLTP-rated range of 415km on a single charge.

Smart #3 Premium.

Meanwhile, the mid-spec Premium model features a single motor driving the rear wheels that delivers 200kW (268hp) and 343Nm of toque. Able to go from 0-100km/h in 5.8 seconds, it also gets a 66kWh battery and it offers up to 455km of WLTP-rated range. Both the Premium and Brabus versions support a class-leading 22kW of AC charging and it does DC charging up to 150kW.

The base Pro model also gets the same motor as the Premium but the battery is smaller at 49kWh but uses an LFP battery pack instead of an NMC unit. The base unit offers 325km of WLTP-rated range and it supports a slower single-phase 7kW AC charging together with 130kW of DC charging.

Smart #3 Pro.

To learn more about the new electric crossover, you can check out our Smart #3 first look and first drive on Proton’s test track.

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