New Samsung 89-inch Micro LED TV launches in Korea


New Samsung 89-inch Micro LED TV launches in Korea

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Samsung has launched its new Samsung 89-inch Micro LED TV  in its home country of Korea, this follows on from the recent launch of its new 98-inch 8K TV that also launched in Korea.

The 89-inch Micro LED, which was first launched in China last April, is a super-premium product that provides the ultimate screen experience with overwhelming picture quality.

Micro LED realizes the best picture quality by emitting light and color on its own without a backlight or color filter, and the bezel-less design provides an immersive viewing experience in any environment.

To commemorate the launch of the 89-inch Micro LED, Samsung Electronics is presenting the 85-inch The Frame, HW-Q990C Soundbar package, and The Freestyle full package in addition to 5 million Samsung Electronics membership points if the product is purchased by the end of this month.

Taehwan Hwang, Vice President of Samsung Electronics Korea, said, “ Starting with the 89-inch model, we will expand the Micro LED lineup to 76, 101, and 114-inch to expand consumers’ ultra-premium TV choices and lead the market by maintaining a super-gap in next-generation display technology. ”

You can find out more details about the new Samsung Micro LED TV over at Samsung at the link below, the TV will retail for 130 million won which is about $101,000 at the current exchange rate.

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