Why TransPerfect Is Proud To Sponsor The Music City Bowl In Nashville | Opinion


Why TransPerfect Is Proud To Sponsor The Music City Bowl In Nashville | Opinion

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Why TransPerfect Is Proud To Sponsor The Music City Bowl In Nashville | Opinion
Why TransPerfect Is Proud To Sponsor The Music City Bowl In Nashville | Opinion

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Few American traditions are as special as college football, especially the bowling season. Few American cities are as unique as Nashville, Tennessee.

Because of this, the TransPerfect Music City Bowl is our company's most popular event and one we look forward to all year.

The Music City Bowl, thanks to its affiliation with the Big Ten and the SEC, always offers a compelling game featuring two of the best conferences in college football.

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Combine that with the upcoming New Year's Eve matchday and the tens of thousands of fans at Nissan Stadium and you have an impressive holiday tradition.

Additionally, we will have the largest national television audience in the 25-year history of the Music City Bowl.

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We feel a special connection to Nashville

Supporting a great game in such a large community is an honor and a natural partnership for TransPerfect. Success in football requires preparation, teamwork and competitiveness. These characteristics define TransPerfect.

We strive to succeed for our clients in this week's competition with the same enthusiasm and determination that student athletes bring to the field all season.

Over three decades, TransPerfect has grown from a two-man startup in a college classroom to a global leader in translation services with more than 100 offices in 43 countries and 7,500 employees.

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We translate over 10 million words every day to help our clients break down barriers in reaching their audiences.

Over the years we have become more than just a translation company, our greatest strength has always been our people: talented, dedicated and passionate people who strive to be the best in the world.

That's why the Music City Bowl is so special to the TransPerfect family. We feel very connected to the city of Nashville and its people. We're proud to be part of an event that is creating huge local excitement and responsible for hundreds of millions of positive economic impacts.

Simply put, with its electricity, vibrant population and love of sports, Nashville is perfect for us.

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A new 5K tradition will begin this year

In addition to the grill, the Music City Bowl gives us a great opportunity to deliver on our promise of good corporate citizenship. One of the great privileges and responsibilities of a successful business is giving back to the communities we serve.

TransPerfect is involved with a variety of causes and charities, from local community initiatives to various nonprofit groups.

We started a new tradition in Nashville this year when we hosted the TransPerfect Victory Lap the day before the big game.

Phil Shaw © Submitted by Phil Shawe

This 5K run/walk benefits the V Cancer Research Fund and is a great way to bring out-of-town fans and Nashville residents together to support a cause that means so much to so many of us. .

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The Nashville Victory Lap is the latest in TransPerfect's longstanding support of the V Foundation, during which we raised more than $2 million, including personal donations from more than 1,500 team members.

Personally, I would like to invite everyone reading this to join us on Friday as we come together to fund the V Foundation's vital work in the fight against cancer.

The college football season is synonymous with the holidays, and as we look toward the new year, we do so with hope, promise, and optimism for good things to come. The TransPerfect team couldn't be happier to celebrate 2023 in Nashville, where spirit and growth intersect with rich culture and history.

Good luck to the Hawkeyes and the Wildcats. Thank you for hosting Nashville and we hope to see you at the game!

Phil Shawe is President and CEO of TransPerfect

This article originally appeared in Nashville Tennessean: Why TransPerfect is Proud to Sponsor Nashville's Music City Bowl | opinion

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