Where Golfer Matt Kuchar Moved Family In Search Of ‘higherlevel Sports’ For His Sons


Where Golfer Matt Kuchar Moved Family In Search Of ‘higherlevel Sports’ For His Sons

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Where Golfer Matt Kuchar Moved Family In Search Of 'higherlevel Sports' For His Sons
Where Golfer Matt Kuchar Moved Family In Search Of 'higherlevel Sports' For His Sons

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. – Add Matt Kuchar to your list of PGA Tour fans moving to the Palm Beach area.

But not for the reasons you might think.

Naturally, Kutcher is taking advantage of the world-class venues, especially the Bears Club, where he and his family camped out in October. But at 44 and more than two decades on the road, Kutcher's motivation wasn't to advance his own career, but to advance the careers of his teenage children.

"We were looking for top-level sports," said Kuchar.

Matt and his wife, CB, have two sons, Cameron (15) and Carson (13). Both are thriving in their sport but have gone their separate ways.

Cameron takes after his father. Carson wants to be like mom.

And fathers and mothers want the best for their children, so 12 years later, St. They head south to Simons Island, Georgia, where Seabee grew up.

“We were looking for the best sports,” Matt says. "We have great tennis here and great golf here."

And the move means Matt plays his first home game this week, returning to Honda for the first time since 2011. The course of the championship hasn't been kind as Kutcher missed 5 shots in the first round.

The course has received great support from Jay Berger, father of PGA Tour pro Daniel Berger. Jay played on the ATP Tour and achieved a world ranking of No. 7 before entering coaching. This year he coached the US Olympic Tennis Team in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

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It was also the Olympics where Kutcher won a bronze medal in golf.

"We spent time with him," Matt said. "The tennis world is small and having spent so much time with him over the years, if he recommends the facility, we always take his brains out when we travel."

And of course the coach.

Jay is now Carson's tennis coach.

"He wants to be big," Matt said of Carson. "He plays high-end stuff."

So does Cameron, who mostly learns from his father.

"He became my training partner," Matt says of his first child.

Matt and CB met at Georgia Tech. Matt was voted the country's Golfer of the Year in 1998 and CB was an outstanding tennis player. The romance only blossomed after he graduated from college. They got married in 2003.

"We were very close to school," Matt once said. "I think we were both very busy with our sports and school. We would go out and have fun, but we didn't go out much."

When CB was playing at Georgia Tech, he coached mixed doubles tennis and mat. They entered the tournament after winning the consolation title at the 2009 USTA Men's/Women's Doubles National Championship at the ATP headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Matt once described his style of tennis as "never". She said she always prefers to cover the net, but added that the CB wears underneath. Matt was no stranger to sports before meeting Cybi. His father, Peter Kuchar, was once the number one doubles player in Florida.

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Kuchar is one of the most respected and loved players on the tour. It's easy to find on the route if you're close to the group.

They don't shout, they shout "rooster".

Kutcher's success has spanned more than 20 years. His first win was the 2002 Honda Classic. Career highlights include winning the Players Championship in 2012 and being a member of four Ryder Cup teams. He has earned over $56 million on tour.

After being No. 4 in the world, she moved up 20 places to No. 65 at the Phoenix Open last week. Kuchar is the best 65 player in the world.

"I'm trying to grow up," she said. "And it's starting to feel really good."

Matt may be able to sleep in his own bed and drive his own car for the first time in his career, but that doesn't mean everyone in the Kutcher clan will support him along the way.

no Matt is still alone on the golf course.

"They're doing well," Kutcher said. "They go to school, they practice. They haven't seen me much in person."

After all, that's why Matt and CB took it.

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