Top macOS 14 Sonoma features revealed (2023)


Top macOS 14 Sonoma features revealed (2023)

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Apple’s macOS 14 Sonoma is coming later this year, the software is currently in beta and now we have more details on some of the top features that are coming to the Mac with this software update. The recent updates unveiled offer a host of intriguing features that will revolutionize user experience, bridging the gap between functionality and convenience. Here, we delve into the top features this robust operating system brings to the table, ensuring that your digital interactions are as seamless and enjoyable as ever.

The video below from Apple Explained gives us a look at some of the great new features that are coming to the Mac when the macOS Sonoma software update is released later this year.

Slow-Motion Screen Savers that Transform into Desktop Wallpapers

The macOS 14 Sonoma promises a delightful visual experience with the introduction of slow-motion screen savers. Previously exclusive to Apple TV, this feature lends an artistic flair to your Mac. Imagine your screen saver morphing into your desktop wallpaper as you log in, creating a visually fluid and stunning interface to kick-start your digital journey.

Desktop Widgets from a New Widget Gallery

Offering greater convenience and control at your fingertips, Sonoma allows the placement of widgets on your desktop. The brand-new widget gallery facilitates numerous actions, such as playing a podcast or even turning off your smart lights, directly from the widget itself. This elevates multitasking to a whole new level.

Continuity Feature for iPhone Widgets on Desktop

With the continuity feature, you can now add iPhone widgets directly to your desktop. The best part? There’s no need to install the corresponding apps on your Mac. This seamless transition and unification between devices simplifies user experience, making it even more cohesive.

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New Presenter Overlay during Screen Sharing

Sonoma introduces a new presenter overlay for screen sharing during presentations. Choose between two overlay options, large and small, ensuring the presenter remains visible. This interactive feature elevates virtual presentations, making them more engaging and personal.

Direct App Sharing during Video Calls

Sharing has been made even easier with the ability to share an app or multiple apps during a video call directly from the window. This streamlines collaboration, enhancing productivity and communication during remote sessions.

Separate Profiles in Safari for Work and Personal

Privacy gets an upgrade with the introduction of separate profiles in Safari. This allows you to maintain distinct browsing experiences for different topics, such as Work and Personal, thereby balancing privacy and convenience.

Adding Websites to the Dock as a Web App

Sonoma now allows you to add any website to the Dock as a web app, providing an app-like experience complete with a simplified toolbar. This feature can enhance your productivity and streamline your internet browsing experience.

New Stickers Drawer for Live Stickers and Memoji

Communicating just got more fun with the introduction of a new stickers drawer. Access Live Stickers and Memoji in one place, adding character and flair to your messages.

Enhanced AutoFill for Faster Document Completion

MacOS 14 Sonoma offers an enhanced AutoFill feature for swift completion of PDFs or scanned documents using saved information from Contacts. This tool significantly boosts efficiency, reducing time spent on manual data entry.

New Game Porting Tool for Developers

For developers, a new Game Porting Tool is now available, making it easier to port Windows games to the Mac. This expansion increases the range of games accessible to Mac users.

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Game Mode for Optimal Gaming Experience

Game Mode, a new feature, gives games top priority on the CPU and GPU, reducing latency with wireless accessories. This ensures the smoothest and most immersive gaming experience on your Mac.

Expanded Communication Safety

Communication Safety extends beyond messages to include system-wide photo picker and third-party apps, providing protection for sensitive videos and photos. This safeguarding feature bolsters privacy and digital security.

Blur Option for Sensitive Photos and Videos

Sonoma offers the option to blur sensitive photos and videos before viewing them in Messages and other third-party apps, ensuring your content’s privacy is maintained.

Enhanced Lockdown Mode for Increased Security

The expanded Lockdown Mode increases security to protect against sophisticated cyber attacks. This mode enhances your Mac’s resilience, keeping your data and digital activities secure.

We are expecting Apple to release its macOS 14 Sonoma software update this fall, it should be released along with some new Macs and we are expecting this to happen sometime in October or November. As soon as we get some details on the exact release date of the new macOS Sonoma software update, we will let you know.

Source & Image Credit: Apple Explained

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