Galaxy Z Fold5 durability test


Galaxy Z Fold5 durability test

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Samsung has this week officially launched its new range of phones, tablet and watch. Wasting no time YouTuber JerryRigEverything has taken his testing tools to the  the newly launched Galaxy Z Fold5 folding phone to carry out a comprehensive durability test.

The Galaxy Z Fold5 as equipped with a folding 7.6″ screen, was put through its paces as you can see in the video below. The Fold5, while not significantly different from its predecessors, the Fold 3 and Fold 4, does introduce a few key changes.

One of the main differences is the absence of a gap in the hinge, a feature that has been replaced with a new suspension substrate under the flexible screen. The phone also utilizes Victus Class 2 glass, a feature it shares with the S23 lineup. This glass, while durable, does show scratches at level 6, with deeper grooves appearing at level 7.

Galaxy Z Fold5 durability test

The Galaxy Z Fold5 also introduces a permanent non-user replaceable screen protector on the inner flexible screen. This protector starts showing marks at level 2, with deeper grooves appearing at level 3. However, Samsung offers a free one-time screen protector replacement in the first year of ownership at any of their 700 repair locations. After the first year, the screen can be replaced for a nominal fee of $19.

The phone’s frame body is made of armor aluminum, and the power button doubles as a fingerprint scanner. The Galaxy Z Fold5 is equipped with a 10 megapixel front-facing camera, a hidden 4 megapixel selfie camera, a 10 megapixel telephoto camera, a 50 megapixel normal camera, and a 12 megapixel Ultra wide camera.

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The back of the phone features a slightly frosted panel with Victus 2 and a single tone LED flash. While the phone is IPXA water resistant, meaning it can withstand water up to one and a half meters for 30 minutes, it lacks official protections against dust.

The Fold5 introduces a new flex hinge design that allows it to fold shut without a gap. This phone can withstand more than 200,000 actuations and survives a durability test where it is bent backwards. With two frames, two batteries, a hinge, and three layers of screen, the Fold5 is a solid, non-flexing device.

While the Fold 5 is essentially the same as the Fold 3 model, it does introduce a few key changes that enhance its durability and user experience. For more information jump over to the Samsung official website for full specifications and purchasing options

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