AKKO 5075B Plus mechanical keyboards


AKKO 5075B Plus mechanical keyboards

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In celebration of its seventh year in the industry, AKKO, a renowned global manufacturer of mechanical keyboards and gaming peripherals, has unveiled its latest innovation – the wireless 5075B Plus series of mechanical keyboards. This new series, which includes three distinct models: ISO Black & Silver, Black & Gold, and White, is set to be showcased at the IFA 2023 in Berlin, Germany, from September 1-5.

The 5075 series keyboards are a testament to AKKO’s commitment to quality and innovation. They feature the company’s unique gasket mount and a 4-layer noise reduction kit, designed to provide users with a stable, softer typing experience. This is further enhanced by the proprietary V3 Cream Yellow and Blue Pro switches integrated into the keyboards.

In addition to their superior performance, the 5075 series keyboards also offer a high degree of customization. They come with a 5-pin hot-swappable feature, PBT Double-shot keycaps for comfort, and 18 RGB backlighting settings to cater to individual visual preferences. The AKKO 5075B Plus, in particular, offers an 83+1 key layout with various layout options such as English, American, German, and Nordic, making it a truly global product.

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Compatibility is another strong suit of the 5075 series. These keyboards can seamlessly integrate with multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, or Android. This makes them a versatile choice for users across different operating systems.

The 5075 series is not just about functionality, but also about style. AKKO offers a variety of color choices and has even collaborated with well-known IP brands to release special designs. These include the Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary, Dragon Ball Super Goku, and Naruto Uzumaki editions, adding a touch of pop culture to the mix.

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In addition to the 5075 series, AKKO has also launched its magnetic axis mechanical keyboard – the Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC. This keyboard features seamless rapid triggering and dynamic keystrokes, making it an ideal choice for gaming enthusiasts.

In conclusion, AKKO continues to push the boundaries of innovation with its latest offerings. The 5075B Plus series of mechanical keyboards, with their unique features and design, are set to redefine the user experience in the world of mechanical keyboards.

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