ESR 6-in-1 MagSafe charger with GaN


ESR 6-in-1 MagSafe charger with GaN

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ESR 6-in-1 MagSafe charger with GaN

The ESR 6-in-1 MagSafe charger with GaN is an innovative device is designed to simultaneously charge up to six Apple devices, effectively reducing clutter and streamlining the charging process for Apple users. The ESR 6-in-1 MagSafe charger is equipped with three magnetic wireless charging units, specifically designed for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

This feature ensures that your essential devices are always powered up and ready to go. But the functionality doesn’t stop there. The charger also includes USB-C and USB-A ports, allowing users to charge additional devices such as the MacBook, iPad, and accessories like the Apple Pencil or Magic Mouse.

Early bird discounts are now available for the unusual project from roughly $154 or £122 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a considerable discount of approximately 14% off the typical retail price, while the Kickstarter crowd funding is under way.

“Apple devices work seamlessly together, like a single, unified super-device. Except when it comes to charging. Then you’ve got to plug in separate chargers, leading to clutter, tangles, and frantic searches for free power outlets. As an Apple user, you deserve better: devices that not only work in a unified way but charge in a unified way too.”

One of the standout features of this charging station is its official Apple certification. This means that the iPhone and Watch charging units are guaranteed to provide faster and reliable charging, compatible with all future OS updates. This certification ensures that your devices are not only charged efficiently but also safely.

MagSafe charger with GaN

The ESR 6-in-1 MagSafe charger is also equipped with patented CryoBoost technology, which provides the fastest wireless charging for iPhones. This technology is incorporated into the iPhone charging unit to prevent overheating and battery damage, ensuring that your device remains in optimal condition.

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The charging station also boasts an impressive 100W of power for MacBook and iPad charging, thanks to the advanced Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology. This feature, coupled with the smart power distribution feature that adjusts power allocation based on the number of devices being charged, ensures that your devices are charged efficiently and effectively.

If the ESR campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and fullfilment progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around October 2023. To learn more about the ESR 6-in-1 MagSafe charger with GaN project check out the promotional video below.

The built-in CryoBoost fan is another noteworthy feature of the ESR 6-in-1 MagSafe charger. This fan cools the iPhone during charging, while heat-dissipating components keep the charging unit cool and efficient. This ensures that the charger remains in optimal condition, even when charging multiple devices simultaneously.

In conclusion, the ESR 6-in-1 MagSafe charger with GaN is a game-changer in the world of technology. Its ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously, coupled with its advanced features and official Apple certification, makes it a must-have for any tech enthusiast.

ESR 6-in-1 MagSafe charger with GaN features

For a complete list of all available early bird pledges, stretch goals, extra media and technical data sheet for the 6-in-1 MagSafe charger with GaN, jump over to the official ESR crowd funding campaign page by proceeding to the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

Disclaimer: Participating in Kickstarter campaigns involves inherent risks. While many projects successfully meet their goals, others may fail to deliver due to numerous challenges. Always conduct thorough research and exercise caution when pledging your hard-earned money.

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