How to manufacture Hoodies That Last


How to manufacture Hoodies That Last

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How to manufacture Hoodies That Last

Hoodies are full-time loveable apparel products that are equally loved by both genders and worn throughout the year. While most people consider hoodies as winter, a hoodie made of lightweight material is best for summer, too. The hoodies are considered comfortable, easy to move, and durable. 

Using a suitable fabric with an attractive design produces the best hoodies. But spotting the right material, as well as the creation of the hoodies, plays an essential part in fabric selection. If you are a clothing brand, you must consider a couple of factors to craft a stylish hoodie that goes on the trending list. 

No matter in which clothing niche you are for a perfect clothing line, you must have a strategic plan for everything from hoodie manufacturing to selling it to the consumers. Creating a successful clothing line is more than ensuring inventory and displaying the products to the customers. 

The custom hoodies are the talk of the town. Well, they are not new. They have been pretty popular for decades and are on the trending list. A custom hoodie is one of the best one-piece top to wear to express your personality and style uniquely. 

Whether you are a clothing brand looking for a bulk hoodie manufacturer or a consumer looking to get your custom hoodies made, here are some essential things you must be aware of. You must consider a couple of factors before making your hoodie line. 

Factors To Consider When Making a Hoodie Line

 Here are some factors that significantly make a hoodie line successful in the consumer market. 

You might already know about different types and structures of hoodies. Not all hoodies are the same. There are 02 primary types of hoodies popular and currently on trend in the fashion industry: zipper hoodies and pullover hoodies. And both of the styles come with pretty distinctive features. 

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The full zip hoodies

  • The full zip hoodies are more fashion-inn products that capture more consumers industry as more customer loves to wear these hoodies for casual or party wear. 
  • The full zip hoodies are versatile and commonly used with different printing methods. 
  • One benefit you get with a full zipper hoodie is that you wear it as per your body temperature. You can cover your body if you feel cold or unclose the zip. 

The pullover hoodies

  • The pullover hoodies come with a closed structure; you must wear them like T-shirts. Because of the closed structure, the pullover hoodies are comparatively warmer. 
  • As there is no separation from the front line in the zipper hoodies, the pull-over hoodies offer more printing areas in the front of the chest and pockets.
  • You’ll have to compromise on the zipper with pullover hoodies. 

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The fabrics 

After structure, the fabrics of the hoodies matter the most for making it a successful product line. Since T-shirts are open apparel products, using a heavier fabric for T-shirts is a bit bearable. Still, for hoodies, it is essential to choose a suitable material significantly considering some factors like stretchability, weather, printing methods, etc. 

There are a number of fabric blends that you can choose for your hoodie clothing line. For essential hoodies, you can use basic fabrics like cotton, linen, polar fleece, and terry cloth. Still, if you are activewear hoodies or sportswear hoodies with moist-wicking features, you can choose polyester blends. 

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Common fabrics for hoodies 

Here are ten standard and functional fabrics that you can use for your hoodie clothing line. 

  • Cotton
  • Cotton polyester blend
  • Fleece
  • Jersey knit
  • Fleece
  • Hemp
  • Polyester
  • Organic cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Spandex (Lycra)

The printing Design 

The design that you want to print over your clothing line is also an important thing to consider in your hoodie line. Consumers are keen on the creative and minimalistic design of the hoodies. So, being a clothing brand, you need to be careful and use innovative, sharp, visually attractive, high-resolution printing designs. 

Screen printing and DTG printing methods are standard printing methods that are widely used with hoodies as they produce the best visuals and attractive designs. Using the vector design is one of the best to print over hoodies using DTG, as they don’t enlarge or scale down or don’t lose their quality when printed over the fabrics. 

DTG printing is a recommended method that works well with fabrics as the design is transferred from the machine to the material through a digital printer. On the other side, the screen-printing method is a bit costly method as it requires a new screen for every new color. 

Most of clothing manufacturers all around the globe use DTG printing for printing over the hoodies. 


So, these are some of the top factors you must consider when manufacturing a hoodie clothing line. The process of manufacturing the hoodies is pretty interesting, as you have a dedicated option for each kind of hoodie line. You can create and print a complex design with the DTG printing method, which is more cost-effective and trending in the fashion industry. To bring the best plan to your hoodie clothing line, you must work with a reliable and professional manufacturer that works with DTG printing. 

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